How do I self Publish an Ebook

What is the best way to publish an eBook?

Nothing wrong with that. As one publishes an eBook itself Only a few month ago I launched my third self-published eBook and am currently working on my 4th one. In total I have written eleven novels, all "how-to" and inspiring ones about photography: There are four printed and seven eBooks that have been produced by Peachpit, Craft&Vision and also in my own business and on-line shop (Nicolesy Store).

I will not go into the subject matter of what you should be writing or how you should present this information; that will be up to you. When your textbook contains words, someone else should work on it for you. I' d never consider releasing and distributing an eBook without someone else looking at its subject matter, preferably a pro who has been specially set up to do the work.

Then if you are expecting to make cash from your eBook that pays for an publisher is a no-brainer, and the costs should be regarded as an in-vestment into the overall value of your work. I usually pay about $500-750 for my eBooks for freelancing editorial work, based on the number of words and pages in my work.

When you have a problem with costs and a very limited budgets, you should consider having a betatest do the work for you. So I got the content from the product and (an superior aid for anyone who poverty to self-publish, BTW). I tried it for my first "for-sale" eBook in my shop (after working with my editor), and got a great deal of great feedbacks.

If you only require a certain kind of processing from your betatesters, such as "Please check for misspellings ", you will certainly get an opinion on other things (paragraph structures, language, content, etc.). I always want my eBooks to be in PDF when I' m writing them. My aim is for them to be pretty and stylish and to look like a "real" workbook when my clients read them on their computer or portable devices (tray, telephone, etc.).

A PDF file has the benefit of allowing you to manipulate any placement elements, such as fontsize, typeface, and overall format. Or you can select the kind of application you want to build it with, e.g. InDesign, MS Word, Pages and even Lightroom (yes, Lightroom!).

It is similar (in respect of controls over design), but you need special softwares to build it, and it is only works with Mac and Mac gadgets. ePub/Mobi: These are the default eBook file sizes used for eBooks, which are mostly used for text files such as fiction or schoolbooks.

For a simpler file size, you can use one of these formats (for use in children or e-readers). However, for many of the photo albums I use, this size just doesn't work. It is very important to me to know the style and lay-out, so I decided not to go that way.

It' a much less complicated procedure, and it's probably cheaper to create an entire work with InDesign (if you don't do it yourself). When you are looking for a firm to help you create your eBook, I would suggest Ebook Designs Works.

It was a very hassle-free procedure and they supported me in working on the ePub and Mobi converting for one of my titles. Your eBook contents are the most important part. But as an artiste, I have to say that his designs are almost as important. My passion is the designing proces, finding out the layouts and selecting the typefaces and colours.

I want my whole eBook to become a work of artwork with the kinds of eBooks I am writing, so designing is an integrated part of my work with my own visions and what I teach. I' put this "if necessary" comment in this section because I rather create my own eBooks.

I have been criticised by other self-published writers, but these come from "text" writers (not artists/photographers like me) and I don't think they ever have an eye on my work. My backgrounds in arts and photographs are sound and I also consider my eBook a work of artwork.

It' s a piece of cake for me; I really enjoy the controllability and agility that allows it, but I'll be frank that it's definitely taking a while. Once everything is ready, it is a good practice to file and sign up your eBook with the US Copyright Offic. There are several ways to resell or give away your eBook.

First you can let other poeple promote and sale your work. Amazon's Kindle Direct Self Publishing is the largest eBook publishing plattform. Well, this is only an optional feature for you if your eBook is in MOBI because ( (for some reason) it is not allowed to resell the PDF.

iBooks authoring is relatively easy to use; I have been playing with it myself, but to be perfectly frank, I have no true experiance releasing a work in this size. As most of my eBooks are available as PDF files, I use my own eBook sales platform: my own e-bouches.

I' ve been testing the water with other retailers who are selling my eBooks, but early on I found that the best place for me to work was on my website. I' m also getting to keep 100% of the profit good right damn good (especially if your product does well!). When you decide to resell your own work, you must use some kind of basket of goods processing and delivery tool to your clients.

They' re cheap, you can put a button directly into your blogs and are a good choice if you don't want your own eCommerce-shop. As soon as your eBook is willing to be released, you need to distribute it somehow. And if your sales plattform allows it, you can also create an affiliated programme to help others use it!

To see some of my self-published works, please have a look at the eBooks in my shop.

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