How do I Publish my Ebook on Amazon

Where can I publish my eBook on Amazon?

I still get a dollar or two in royalties. Childle Self Publishing provides step-by-step instructions. Find help with self-publishing your book at Amazon's Kindle Store.

Unpublish on KDP Select, Smashwords and Draft2Digital

The publication of e-books on Amazon and Smashwords or Draft2Digital is natural. They all have different sales outlets, which is great for bringing your eBook to as many eBook merchants as possible. When you publish KDP with Amazon, there are no restrictions on publication elsewhere. Many self-released writers find the presence of e-books on Amazon and Smashwords or Draft2Digotal completely useful, and what is often called' Open Publishing' is the best one.

Nonetheless, the tie is in the salve if you want to enroll your ebook in Amazon KDP Select to take up the extra promotion Tools it will offer. You have to make the hard choice to give Amazon exclusiveness. That means you can't have your ebook available on Amazon and Smashwords at the same timeframe.

Therefore, you must delete your eBook from Smashwords, which also means that you must delete your eBook from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and a number of other retail outlets. The most self-released writers have probably tried Amazon KDP Select, and for many it is an advantage as it can increase both revenue and rankings during the 90 day subscription period.

When you have more than a few eBook stocks, a good selling and selling approach can be a good one or two eBook policy in KDP Select at the same timeframe. However, this policy means that when you register an eBook with KDP Select, you must make sure that the book is not only deleted from Smashwords or Draft2Digital, but also from ALL of your channel.

Unpublishing an eBook does not necessarily mean that publishers are quick to respond, as many writers have found. You may receive a malicious Amazon e-mail saying that your eBook is not available only from Amazon and that your eBook will be disabled by KDP Select.

Famously, Smashwords terminated their ebook sales deal with Flipkart due to the failure of Flipkart to strip title in a timely fashion. The delay caused by flipcards led to many Amazon writers being informed that their e-books would be deleted from KDP Select. So, how can you ensure that your e-books are deleted by Smashwords and its vendors in time if you want to sign up for Amazon KDP Select?

Many writers want to use Amazon KDP Select from case to case, but for some this can cause issues. One of the best ways to make sure that an ebook will be completely Amazon excluded is to make a small customization to the ebook sharing preferences on Smashwords or Draft2Digital well in advance. ebook distributions can also be downloaded from Amazon.

When I unpublished a song about Smashwords in the KDP Select registry, I had no problems with the three major vendors of Smashwords. If you have a track, Apple will remove it within 24hrs. This also applies to Draft2 Digital. It' important to remember that these three merchants probably account for 90% or more of your turnover, so my recommendation is to limit the allocation of aggregators to these three merchants if your promotion schedule includes "getting in and out" of Amazon KDP Select.

In your Smashwords Dashboard, go to'Channel Manager' and modify your channel management preferences. There''s not enough space in the picture above to show all of our vendors, but if you unsubscribe from everyone except Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, you can be sure that it's quick and efficient when it comes to removing your list.

Another important point you should consider when registering with KDP Select is the deactivation of automated extension. As soon as you have registered, make sure that you disable the automated extension and click on "Save" if you only want to register your eBook for a 90-day trial time. Whilst open publishers would be the number one favorite for most self-published writers, the realities of eBook selling at the time is that Amazon, and especially KDP Select with its Kindle Unlimited feature, is a leader in the eBook selling and now in paying for subscriptions.

Irrespective of whether you accept, don't accept, whether you like it or not, Amazon has by far the biggest proportion of the total sales area. That means that self-published writers cannot disregard the actual and prospective revenue Amazon can earn for them. This means that the allocation of eBooks between Amazon and Smashwords or Draft2Digital must be balanced and changes must be made from case to case by storing and retrieving the tracks in Amazon KDP Select.

If you change your deployment preferences with your aggregate, this will be more dependable the next eBook track you enter in KDP Select. Updated: See my summary of Draft2Digital, which is another option of the ebook Aggregators.

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