How do I Publish my Book on Amazon

Where can I publish my book on Amazon?

What I learned from Amazon Publishing Jane's note: Today's feature was written by Carol Bodensteiner (@CABodensteiner), creator of the self-published memoirs Grow Up Country and the forthcoming Go Away Home via Lake Union Publishing, an Amazon Publishing masthead. Incapable of landing a publishers after I had written my first book, a memoroir, I have occupied my fate with the independent business.

So, when I finished my pre-WWI novel Go Away Home in July 2014, I wasn't even looking for a conventional traditon. Just think of my astonishment when I received an e-mail from an acquisitions journalist at Lake Union Publishing, an Amazon Publishing legal notice, six month later. All the writers I see are wondering how that went down and what it was like.

Where did Amazon find your book? As Warshaw was reading the tale and she was in love with it, she first approached me to tell me how much she liked the tale and then to tell me if I would be interested in a partnership with Lake Union, an Amazon credit. Can you tell us why you signed with Amazon/Lake Union? Sceptical that it was me, I approached a proficient writer boyfriend to see if it was real.

Sells okay, but I spend thirty years in advertising and PR and knew how much more could be done. As there can't be many with more extensive market knowledge or a better e-mail address than Amazon, I really liked it. If a book is purchased from Amazon, what happens to it?

I' ve recruited pros to help me editing, correcting and designing the Go Away Home front page before I released it. I' ve felt good about the book, but I always think good can be better. The script was sent to Amazon/Lake Union by development and text writers and a corrector. In the same way I was part of the redesign of the album.

I have a deal with Amazon/Lake Union that keeps me from specifically discussing emoluments, but what I can say is that they are in line with industrial-standard.

Right, I will do less on each copy than I would have as an independent writer, but where I would have been selling thousand alone, I expect to be selling ten thousand, maybe even hundred of thousand with Amazon massif in between. Lake Union's editorial, styling, manufacturing and commercial costs are considerable (all the cash that came out of my pockets as an independent author).

What is the disadvantage of Amazon Publishing? I don't see one at this point, but here is a possible obstacle that Lake Union's Warshaw has posed: Concentrating on Amazon Publishing is in the field of online advertising. When a writer wants to see piles of her works in bookshops, Amazon may not be the right publishing house for her.

That does not mean that Amazon does not make available hardcopy. What is the advantage of Amazon Publishing? Amazonia marketeer muscles makes me salivating. Having worked in a sales office for twenty years, I was used to having specialised professionals I could depend on. I have another working group with Lake Union.

How about the next book? Amazonia or India? I only have my agreement with Lake Union for this book, so my choices are open.

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