How do I Publish a Kindle Book

Where can I publish a Kindle Book?

Getting a FREE ebook on Kindle. The Barnes & Noble Nook e-books use the EPUB format. Like one creates an eBook Cover; Like one with KDP Select recruits for its book.

Ranking in Amazon's top 100 bestsellers in 8 hours of self-publishing a Kindle Book

I' ve released my first Kindle book myself on Monday - The Life Style Startup - a guideline for setting up an on-line softwares company while you live your ideal lifestyles. I am by no means an Kindle Publishers specialist, but I followed a book launching schedule and in 24hrs, TheLifestyle Startup scored some fairly good placings:

She also made it to 92nd place on the UK Kindle Retail bestseller ranking within 8h. When you think you'll only be able to publish a Kindle book on Amazon and automatically get a ton of music, think again. You' ll need a sound roadmap to get your book to market and control transport from outside Amazon.

Before I wrote the book, the first thing I did was investing in a Kindle Learning course; I purchased K Money Mastery, which only paid $67. The course is from 2015, so some of the starting strategies are a little out of date, but the contents about typing, publication and word optimization is unbelievably useful, and the course is less expensive than similar programs, like Self-publishing Revolution, which is costing $399.

It is imperative to determine a viable market share before writing your book. Your book theme should be focused on a key word that has a high number of search queries per months on Amazon (which leads to your sales). As you may want to type a book on pet grooming, if only 10 folks per months buy books onto pet grooming, then you are going to find it hard to get purchases in this alcove.

First I brainstormed a set of issues I could have covered on the basis of my available information. Of course, you must have the ability to post on a specific subject unless you are using a ghost writer for your book. I' ve listed a number of keywords such as: small businesses, enterprise, positive mindset, good ideas, good ideas, etc.

Then I went to and wrote these key words in the Kindle lookup toolbar and viewed the first 4-5 volumes that came up for each of these key words. I measured it by Amazon's bestseller ranking - if the book has a BSR of 100,000 or less, then there's a good shot that it makes a respectable amount of sale per months.

The BSR can be found in the product details section of the book list. When the top rankings book for a given word does not have a bestseller rating of less than 100,000, then it is probably not a viable algebra. "Once I had identified a viable key word that I was sure I could compose a book, I evaluated my contest.

It was my aim to land on the first page for my selected keyboard term, so I didn't want much rivalry here. With my main and a few subsidiary key words, I started to create my name. It is important that the main search term is the first term in the book cover for this term to appear on Amazon.

Lovely songs won't go down well with Amazon. I' ve called my book "The Lifestyle Startup", but my Amazon name is: "The Lifestyle Startup": I have my main key word - shop on-line - at the beginning of the track, and some other related key words in brackets at the end. A number of other things need to be considered at this point, such as further optimization of your book as well as the design of the book jacket, the entry and the publication of the book on Amazon.

A few month forward and I had finished the book and began working on my plans to publish the book on Amazon and get some downloaded. I' ve used the following launching schedule: I' ve made a 10-person checkbook. Those were pertinent persons in my targeted alcove who would actually be reading the book and giving an accurate comment.

Upgraded the book to Amazon ten and a half weeks before my start date to make sure there were no issues, and this provided enough testing and modification of the book (and the listing). I' ve fixed the book rate at 95c so that my critics can buy a copy and publish their review before they start.

It is important that the book is bought at Amazon before they leave a book reviewed so that the book is validated. I' m planning a free promotional campaign to give the book away for 24h with KDP Select (a promotional product within Amazon's Kindle editing platform). It would give me a 24-hour start date to get as many updates as possible and help the book-ranking.

It' much simpler to ask folks to get a book for free than to ask them to do it. Please note: The promotional windows will start at 12 o'clock in the Pacific, even if you sell your book in the UK or other Amazon-store. I had been discussing the book about online publishing for month, but I did this to get a lot of prospective customers going.

I' ve post a pre-view of the book on Twitter and Facebook and sent a letter to my e-mail address book starting a few weeks before the book is due to be published to inform my friends. I' ve sent a second e-mail on Friday before the start to warn everyone to look for the free download on Monday.

I contacted everyone in my community on the publication date and provided them with a free copy of the book on Amazon. I' ve sent a third e-mail to my e-mail address book with a free copy of it. Then I sent handwritten personalized e-mails to my friends on my web with the free links and asked those with personal impact to pass on the address.

At this point I have to emphasize that most of my starting result is due to my current grid - without this I would have fought. So if you don't have a local access point in the alcove you're working on, I suggest that you begin to build now before you do. But neither had any effect (the Reddit mail was deleted for spaming because I wasn't previously involved in the subreddit).

Most of this procedure was done automatically with mailchimp and buffer (except for the personalized e-mails, but I had all of them prewritten ) to allow as much free space as possible for replying to mails etc. on the start date. Commencing my introductory workout at 8am GMT, I sent out my e-mails, web pages and other news about my family.

She made it to the #1 UK Kindle Small Enterprise and Enterprise Retailer' at 12:19. My book was rated 92nd in the Kindle Retail UK at 4:19pm. The slump in the US market was much more difficult, with the book reaching #1,921 in the US Kindle Shop, but #2 for start-ups, #3 for businesses and finance, and #5 for small businesses.

I' ve reached my initial target of landing on the first page for my main key word, and my book is on the "Startups" page of the UK Retail store, next to the Startup Startup and Startup Owners Manual. This has all been accomplished with 250 updates in 24h and eight test reports (four in the US market and four in the UK market).

The start was almost without any problem; there were a few small issues, but nothing that led to significant issues. The KDP campaigns are running on a Pacific basis and I inadvertently sent out a mailchimp at 8am in Bangkok instead of 8am in the UK. This was not a big thing, as the free promotional period began when the guys on my British shortlist woke up, but just something to consider when planning across different timezones.

And the free promotional campaign didn't end when it should have ended, because when I chose October 9-10 on Amazon, it means that the book will still be free during October 10 (very confusing). Placing to Product Hunt and Reddit was a last-minute choice, and it didn't work - I probably dropped some of my stuff from this site, next chance I'll make sure I'm more pro-active in those sites before I release.

A few responses were not published in due course (Amazon may take up to 48hrs to display responses). I' m not sure how much this had an impact on the start, but I'm still quite satisfied with my results. Rather than asking everyone on my web to fetch the free book, next checkout I'll share my lists and ask some folks to fetch the purchased copy on the second date at a discounted rate.

It was a good position on the starting date before I reached 250 updates, and the additional pay ed on the second would have been useful to increase my payed ranks. Though I think this is a good start, it is only the beginning. Now that I have already used up most of my book and the book is no longer free, I must keep on promoting the book, which will be harder.

But Amazon now drives some organics now. Next up for this weeks are to get more ratings from those who have purchased and reread the book, try some advertising campaign and control the flow of other resources outside of Amazonia. I will consider releasing a pocket book and an audio book if it is selling well, but I want to add a little value to the contents first, on the basis of comment.

Hats to Michael at, whom I happened to meet in Bangkok when I began to write and who assisted me in my starting out.

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