How do I Publish a Book on Amazon

Where can I publish a book on Amazon?

It'?s not as hard as you think! The article describes how to do this with Create Space. As one publishes his book on Amazon Kindle. With MyISBN, you can set up an on-demand publication and sell your book online without the risk of a large print run.

Of course, like millions of other authors out there, you would assume that Amazon has the answers when it comes to selling your self-published book.

Publish a book yourself

It' much simpler than you think to learn how to publish a book yourself, especially with the advanced self-release on Amazon. It' much more difficult to get an agency or a conventional contract. A few folks can find an operative and a publishers. He wrote about it in his own diary.

He is well known (known in the field of electronic marketing) and therefore already has an audiences to work with. Many of us are not so well-known and will find it hard to get a good business (or any business) from an agency and/or editor. Find out how to publish a book yourself with Amazon CreateSpace.

*Who Am I To Talk About Self Publishing? I also recently released a book entitled'How to World a Short Story, Get Publishing & Make Money'. I' m using CreateSpace to produce the book in printed and Kindle formats and distribute it via Amazon. However, if you want to create an educational, helpful'how to' book, it is important to know what your audiences want.

I' m receiving several hundred requests for hints and publication hints from the people who use my blogs. The book speaks frankly about how much I was charged for each released film. Nobody else (who I know) has used publicized histories as case histories, which makes my offer singular and precious to my people.

This book would work because I had been blogging for three years before I started to write it. It is about 84,000 words long. This is why the same size is good for a book. As I was typing my'how to' book, it made me look like a long, informational blogshots.

Alternatively, you could watch this guide to find out how to research keywords for your book. In order to show this, I will be producing this article as a book while going through the self-publishing on CreateSpace. As soon as you have created a masterwork, you must offer it for sale.

The simplest way is to self-publish a book with CreateSpace. They can register and use CreateSpace free of charge. That means you can simply resell your book without having to buy stocks. First thing we have to do when we publish on Amazon is to make the book ourselves.

Log in to CreateSpace and select'Add New Title' from your memberashboard. For this example I have called the project'How To Self Publish A Book On CreateSpace & Amazon'. And then I chose'Paperback' to make a book. If you have made a book, you can use the'Expert' feature because you are comfortable with it.

It is remarkable that it is simple to make an online Kindle copy of the book after you have prepared the hard copy for printing. To start, click'Get Started' on the command. I' m always making the name of the book the same as my name. In this example, my song is'How To Self Publish A Book On CreateSpace & Amazon'.

This will appear when you are selling your book on CreateSpace or Amazon. The writer Chris Fielden has himself written many of these. This book can have a lead writer. This should be the individual who has written or compiled the book. Against my backdrop, he proposed to write an article about self-publication on Amazon instead.

There' s a ticket window to show if this book is part of a serial. Selecting the checkbox allows you to give the book a number. It can help the reader to find the next book in the row if he does not know his name.

Didn't fill out this section because my book isn't part of a show. If you publish a book for the first reason, it will be a first-timer. That means that the reader knows whether he is purchasing the book in its full size or whether it is a later revision.

For this example, I typed'1' because this is the first book to be released. Only the main page of the book is shown. The date of the first release of the book. In this case, the publishing date is allocated on the day on which you release the book for publishing.

When you create a print book, it is very unlikely that the release date will match the date you go through the set-up time. We recommend ordering a hard -copy copy before you publish it, which will take about a whole weeks. When you re-publish a book, you can specify the date the book was originally published.

For this example, I leave the publishing date empty, as this is the first book to be released so that it is automatic. In simple terms, an ISBN is a clear inventory identification that allows you to distribute and sell your book. CreatingSpace provides a good source that will explain the differences between the different available choices.

This is a great contribution about ISBNs, wrote in an easily understandable text. CreateSpace has four ISBNs. If you wish, you can generate your book without an ISBN. However, you must allocate one before you can publish your book.

For more research on an ISBN, you can find useful resource names at the end of the ISBN page on CreateSpace. For this example, I have chosen the free options. For your book two IBNs are generated - one ISBN-13 and one ISBN-10. Here you can choose the size of your book when it is to print.

Standard is 6 " x 9", but there are many other dimensions to select from. CreatingSpace has a really useful book ordering computer that can help you make choices about all these different choices. For example, my'how to' textbook is 83,876 words long. This book has 364 pages.

This book has 90 pages. From the page'Creating Your Book's Interior' you can get a Word document for your book. It' designed to make your book look good and save you the effort and effort of doing it yourself. I always upload my own book files. Anybody with a working command of Microsoft Word can do this themselves using the CreateSpace provided masters.

Once you have the money, you can use CreateSpace to create the book for you. For this example, I designed the book's own interiors. Therefore I chose'Upload Your Book File' and sent the inside of the book as a Word-Dokument. Now you have the possibility to start the CreateSpace Internal Reviewer.

You can see how your book will look after printing. You can see that the Interior Viewer shows you what the book looks like on printing. I' m always going through the whole book with the viewer and then make all necessary changes and reload the book.

On-line review is very good, but it is still not the same as the actual book in your hand to see. As of the date of the letter, the price starts at $399. Keep in mind - the back measurements are determined by the number of pages in your book. It is simple to use and CreateSpace provides some fundamental masters.

There are self-explaining selection options: If you do not want some of the items (such as'Publisher Logo'), you can disable them. I' m inclined to use pictures that support the theme of the book - in this example a picture of a book on a shelve.

It can help the user to find your book as something that might interest them and support the sale. He gives hands-on advices and speaks openly about his experience with self-publications. It contains information on how to rate your book and how much you can earn by it.

Every re-submission will take up to 24hrs to scan and approve the file. First, take notice of any problems identified during the verification procedure it is very important that you address these problems before posting them to Amazon yourself. Use at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure that your photos are printed clearly.

So, I resolved to order a hard copy of the book and check it before it is published. A PDF copy of the book can also be downloaded. You can use both the PDF viewer and the PDF-proofer. Just order a book. Or you can straps the book to a crow and see what happens.

My aim is always the quickest possible lead-times. As soon as you receive the book, please start reading it. I' ve just corrected a typo and re-submitted the book. Allows you to release your review for release. After I got a hard copy of the book, I used this feature the first one.

As soon as your book is established, checked and available for publication, you must determine where it should be sold. This can be done while your book is going through the reviews to help you later. CreateSpace eStore allows you to purchase the book on the CreateSpace website. My book sales are always through as many different outlets as possible.

In my opinion, the better your book is available, the more attention it gets. It is noteworthy, however, that the reserve level for your print book is higher if you are selling through Extended Resell. That doesn't mean you can buy the book at a lower cost through the first three retail outlets and earn more cash per copy.

This only means that clients can buy the book at a lower cost. The' Library & Academic Institutions' is self-explanatory - it makes the book accessible through libaries, colleges, universities, etc. CreateSpace Direct' allows CreateSpace accredited retailers, such as third-party bookstores, to resell your book. CreateSpace seems to have the order of this part of the whole procedure a little backwards for some apparent reasons, so you just have to do it in the incorrect order.

CreatingSpace allows you to set up an create space store on create space to which you can lead your clients. CreatingSpace will tell you for what reserve prices you can buy a book. You will then charge your license fees in different currency when you change the sales prices. You can find much more details on the create space guide page.

Or you can use the CreateSpace royalties computer. For this sample book, the minimal listed cost is $5.38. I would not make a profit if I were to sell through extended distributors. I' ve fixed the cost at $6.00. I' ve chosen the checkboxes that suggest GPB and EUR quotes on the basis of the US dollar one.

That' because I want to provide a fixed rate for my UK book that is in line with my own branding work. So, you can see a clear example, here is how I praise my book'How to World a Short Story, Get Released & Make Money'. Whenever a client purchases a book, the bonuses I get are as follows:

Take a look at my book about Amazon in Canada, for example. So I had to take my own free moment to gather the necessary experiences to be able to write the book in such a way that it offers added value. Since the book in this example'How To Self Publish A Book On CreateSpace & Amazon' was not wrote for money, I kept the prize low.

Your chosen method of allocation can modify the reserve that you can calculate for a book. For this example, I can start at $3.59 for the book. In order to be able to sell the book in the UK and Europe, I would have to modify the specific reserve prices in those areas:

When I set the GBP award to £2. 75 and the EUR award to ?3. 30 I would receive: If the GBP and EUR pricing is based on the lowest available listed value when using extended distributions, the license fee is calculated as follows: Now if I choose and activate all extended sales channel, the reserve listing for this sample book would be $5.38.

I put the asking $5.38, that's how the emoluments are gonna turn out: Best a literate strength poverty to message her product to unit and person at the bargain-priced possibility cost. It' important to note that only the CreateSpace eStore canal is the best way to get your book for sale. This will allow you to provide more details for potential clients to help them choose whether to buy your book.

They can also include tagging to help them find your book on Amazon. Your book can be described in up to 4,000 char. I used the following example (it is an expanded text from the back of the book):

It' by Christopher Fielden, an editor who has all of his Amazon and CreateSpace related titles and has a much-loved free resource diary featuring stories and novels. He gives hands-on advices and speaks openly about his experience with self-publications.

It contains information on how to evaluate your book, how much cash you can anticipate from the sale and gives its experts' opinions on the various choices you will have to make during the creation of your book. This book was initially created as a contribution to Matthew Woodward's award-winning online advertising blogs.

Mathew asked Chris to contribute to the publication of Amazon literature for his public. This is why this book was written. It' on sale at a reasonable cost because it was not initially designed to make a living - just to be an informational source for other authors and businessmen to teach them.

Amazons and CreateSpace do not allow the inclusion of a URL in a description, so I did not use one. You' ll need to look through them and choose the one that's most appropriate for your book. For this example I chose'Language Arts & Disciplines / Publishing'. I' m always trying to use an author's bio that is pertinent to the book I'm writing.

I have to show in this example that my knowledge enables me to read on the topic of the book. It was during this period that I began to make literature. I' ve released my first book, Wicked Game, 2010. I' ve used Lulu to make the print book and CreateSpace to make the Kindle book, which I can buy and share on Amazon.

Because of my popularity in creating shorts, I recently written and launched a book entitled How To Watch A Brief History, Get Published & Make Money. This book is the first of its kind in the world. The book uses my own case histories so that authors can see how the book's various hints and suggestions have been used in real life to make the publication a great one.

I' ve released both printed and Kindle copies of the book on Amazon with CreateSpace. Each year I publish an Anthologie of the winner tales on Amazon with CreateSpace. I give you all the useful tips you need and they are grounded in my practice of typing and publication. I' m experienced with different platform to publish my own story and text.

I' m now publishing all my titles on Amazon with CreateSpace. Initially this book was published as a contribution to Matthew Woodward's award-winning online advertising blogs. Just choose the name of the book from the drop-down menu. Key words are used to help clients find your book when you use Amazon's searching engines.

You can check this checkbox if your book has been altered for the partially sighted (ground floor, the text is over 16 points). I' ve been telling you that self-publishing on Amazon is simple, if you know how! It' pretty simple to publish a book in Kindle on Amazon. CreatingSpace provides this useful guide to the fundamentals.

No need to publish on Kindle. Writers who publish on Kindle as well as in printed form are open to the benefit of billions of Kindle-clients. When your book is on Kindle, you are more likely to make more moneys. So click the'I want to publish my book on Kindle' link.

I' m always choosing the first one. Theoretically, your book will look great at Kindle right away. It' still a good idea to try the first one, as Amazon is updating to enhance KDPs. First choice is: Publication permission status: If you have acquired copyrights to a book that has been authored by someone else, you should also do so.

I' ve chosen this for this example. Choose an DRM (Digital Rights Management) option: In simple terms, when you activate DRM, you prevent your book from being shared with other Kindlle people. When you do not activate DRM, Kindlle members can release your book. Kindlers can rent your book to other people for a limited amount of money (so they can see if they want to buy it) or buy it as a present for another person, but it prevents your book from being redistributed for free.

Writers can opt for this if they try to distribute the book as widely as possible. Here you will be asked to register with Amazon. We will be happy to check and work on your book. It is possible to register your book with KDP Selection.

Read more about KDP Select here - it allows you to attract more people and earn more money at Amazon. When you register your book with KDP Select, there is nowhere else you can make it available in electronic form. Please note that I do not register my book with KDP Select because I also publish the book in PDF on my website.

All you have to do is determine whether KDP Select is suitable for your book by doing research. Next you need to verify your book detail. Much of this is automatically filled from the information you have typed into CreateSpace. CreateSpace fills this out automatically - do not modify it.

In this example I haven't altered the name, so it's'How To Self Publish A Book On CreateSpace & Amazon'. It is not filled automatically because it does not match the CreateSpace subtitles options. A simple and understandable manual from an expert, self-published writer.

That self fills up from the CreateSpace. I' ve omitted it, because the book in this example is not part of a serial. I' ve kept the number of the book as 1, because this is the first book that has been made out. It is not a publishing house - it is a tool that enables writers and publishing houses to publish their works on Amazon.

In this example I typed in my name'Christopher Fielden' because I publish myself. This information is also copied from CreateSpace, so you do not have to modify it. ISBNs of your book cannot be used for the electronic one. You want to do that, there's a lot of places to go.

Amazons assigns an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), with which your products can be found. CreateSpace fills this automatically. This is not something you should do to publish on Kindle. In this section there are some additional KDP features that are not available in CreateSpace. CreateSpace automatically fills the BISAC information. It can help prospective clients see whether a book is intended for a child (or another group of people of different ages).

For this example, I leave it empty because it is not pertinent to the sample book. That self fills up from the CreateSpace. After you approve your book, you can make it available for publication. CreateSpace automatically fills this section. Occasionally, when using the automatic processes from CreateSpace to KDP there will be formating issues.

Use the Online Previewer, which is very similar to CreateSpace. Alternatively, you can simply click to get the downloaded version and watch it on your Kindle (if available). Unfortunately, I suffer this every book I publish in this way (sigh). Once you have authored the book you publish, you have global permissions, so choose the first one.

Once you have acquired permissions for the book you publish, you must choose the areas for the permissions you own. For this example, I chose'worldwide rights' because I have written the book. A 35% royality allows you to buy the book for less money, but you only get 35% royality in most countries of the year.

In this example, the reserve sales value is $0.99. A hefty $200 is the highest fee with this feature. A 70% royalty means you get more cash each eBook you sell, but you need to ask more for your book. For this example, the reserve is $2.99.

Usually I use the 70% royalties as this works best for me and my cost. Normally I fix the UK and European rates on an individual basis and then fix all other countries in the word on the basis of the US dollar exchange rate. For simplicity's sake, in this example I use the US dollar rate as a guide in all areas.

Sells the Kindle edition of your book to clients who have already bought your print book at a discounted or free of charge. For this example, I made the book available free of charge. The Kindle Book Rental feature allows anyone who purchases your book in Kindle size to rent it to his or her loved ones for up to 14 consecutive nights free of charge.

Read more about Kindle Book Lending here. Self-publication takes a great deal of work. It' worthwhile to produce a book. Several bookstores are refusing to keep CreateSpace directories. In the bookstore industries, some believe that Amazon is placing the traditionally high street bookstore out of shop.

Nevertheless, I chose CreateSpace and Amazon. Amazons and CreateSpace meet my requirements. Some booksellers I spoke to told me to stay away from Amazon and hire a self-financing author editor (a vainty publisher) so that bookstores would rather have your book in-store.

CreateSpace's print book is of good standard. Although I sympathize with bookstores, I have the feeling that those who sack Amazon do not fully grasp the author's point of view. 3. You' ll have to either resell them yourself or buy them from the publishers to promote and promote your book.

Find out more about publishing houses. That'?s why I chose Amazon. I would like to have my work in bookstores, but if using Amazon means that a bookstore might decline to store my book, that's a victim I have to make.

These are my bookstores from the last six month. This royalty comes from printed and Kindle textbooks. I think that a book is about 20% of the work needed to make a living with it. That other 80% of the work is to market and sell the book.

I wrote a book for my targeted audience, released it and sold it through CreateSpace and Amazon. I' m selling a lot of book at the moment and these numbers are growing from year to year. It took about 100h to write this article and create the sample book'How To Self Publish A Book On CreateSpace & Amazon'.

Mail and book are about 11,000 words long. However, the publishing processes provided by CreateSpace are fast and offer writers an easier way to commercialize their work. The sample book that has been generated while posting this message can be seen in the following places: Now you know how to publish a book on Amazon, what are you still waitin' for?

Everyone can begin self-publishing on Amazon today!

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