How do I Publish a Book

Where can I publish a book?

ez-to-to-section " id="How_to_upload_a_book">How to load a book? Where do I load a work? On the Home screen, select either Book Addition from epoxy or click it. This will be the eshboard not only to load up your books, but also to make changes in the near term. You can change all the settings you see here at any point without removing the manual.

Please see this story about changes to your work. Save or load the contents files (epub) and the covers files (jpg). Please note that we do not perform epoxy validations during the up-load. We will try to fix it if there are any bugs in the source unless the script is not openable.

As soon as you let your epoxy dossier fall, we scan all meta data containing your epoxy dossier and fill in these boxes for you. Editor/Impressum, title, language, number of pages, type, descriptions, recommended selling prices, release date. Select Publisher/Imprint: While we use overprints to show the publishers in most shops (so you can be shown under your own name or under your publisher's name), we also use overprints to identify the shops your books will go to.

Your eBook will be assigned an ID number. ISBNs are available if your textbook already has one. When your text is open to the general audience, please always include the interpreter as a collaborator. There is no such request if your work is not publicly available.

You can use your pseudonym in the post box, but please do not use pseudonyms that could be deceptive for people. Titles and subtitles: Please note that your preferred languages are case-sensitive. Subtitles should go into the subtitles area. In most shops, the caption is displayed in the same spelling as the caption, divided by a colon. 2.

Subtitles. Please do not enter a key word in the caption, subheading or serial fields. Choose up to three different sections for your books. You will see your books in the shops in the selected shop group. So the more specifically you are, the more likely it is that your potential reader will find your text.

serie: Exact name of your show. Be sure to always type your serial name exactly like this, e.g. not even A Mean Mushroom Book and then Mean Mushrooms. When your show is displayed correctly, the stores will sort the show into serial pages for you.

When your serial box is not empty, you can enter the volumes in the next box. Speech: Indicate the main langue of your text. In case your textbook is a textbook in English, please choose "English" as the main text input format and enter it as a second lang. When you choose "Spanish" as the main page of your textbook, it will be shown to Spaniards, not to English-speaking people.

The number of pages is not really useful in relation to e-books... But the choice is to let the reader know how long the books they pay for. In the case that an authors does not have a printed copy, we ask him not to compute the number of pages by opening the text on different machines, but by determining how many signs are on a page in an ordinary printed copy (1024).

A lot of shops (Amazon or Kobo) use the length of the books to compute their own numbers. Describtion: it should be one of a kind and describe your text. Include digital listing prices and release dates. When you specify a later date, pre-orders are permitted and your order can be pre-ordered immediately in the shops that have this opt.

Don't ignore to indicate your permissions under permissions management: we don't ask for any evidence (unless we see something rotten), but want to know if your work is open to the general public, if you have written it or if you are the editor. Simply store and share! Once your resume is completed, you can immediately ship the product to the store.

Our staff will check the book both before it is published, either automatic or manual. If you wish, you can always refresh your meta data (price, descriptions or even an actual ized epoxy file) and we will forward the latest version to the dealers.

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