How can you self Publish a Book

What is the best way to publish a book yourself?

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Writer Lisa Hinsley explains why she has decided to publish her own works, what it has done for her and her counsel to authors who think they publish their own work. Throughout 2009, many of my unreleased writer buddies talked about Amazon and a new way to self-publish as an eBook directly to their favourite bookstore.

In the meantime, I was listening to the few who now said it was the right moment to publish and sell them. Yet the novel has not yet aroused the interest of an agency or publishing house. At the end of October the book went online at $2.99. Meanwhile I was involved in the Amazon-Forum, where the recently released writers exchanged their market strategy and tried to increase consciousness for their work.

I have worked really well and the sale started in 2012. When I wrote the book, I took it to my publisher, John Hudspith. If you publish in the realm, people will find the bugs and they will scream about them in the post. I always think it takes a whole days to get it right, but it's a necessary step to make a novel that stands next to a novel from one of the big publishing houses and doesn't look out of place.

They kept their fingers crossed, bitched about your book in the Amazon Forum and thought your novel would stand out. In the end, Amazon cleared the boards and kicked the writers out as our numbers rose and we took over. There' ve always been blogging from enthusiastic audiences, and this has become a new way to raise your novel's profile.

I' m subjecting myself to blogging that takes for free but the reader chooses what they want to check. When your book is not good enough, it will be ignored. There are new ways of advertising, like Book Bub and Ereader News Today. They' are websites that have a large number of subscribers to their websites.

You can be choosy; you can only come through the front doors again if you have a good book. Since I haven't had much good fortune at other bookstores like Barnes & Noble or Apple, I only have my titles at Amazon. I' ve avoided the "old-fashioned" ways of sending scripts to editors and editors.

In 2012, Simon & Schuster took me away with a two-book transaction involving the sale of the two titles they took over. Lisa's Plague and The Ultimate Choose can be found on the UK Amazon bestseller chart on a regular basis and are now being released in the USA by Simon & Schuster.

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