How can I Write my own Book

What do I have to do to write my own book?

It is my dream to write my own book. Those are exactly the same words someone wrote in one of my last books about Amazon. For years I hesitated to write my first book. You can also use your own quotations - or from your own books. Each time I'm asked that one question.

I' m my own book: I' m the one who write and rewrite and add new chapter.

As Jorge Luis Borges said, there are those who cannot envision a bird-free environment, those who cannot envision a waterless environment, and those who cannot envision a bookless environment. Every one of the scores we've ever seen says we're all tales. The existence is magic; we can become the writers of a history that is told every single passing days.

Nobody has ever said to us that in fact the history of our life does not always have to have a logic order. But there are sections that end half-way. But on the other side we should keep in minds that the history of our life makes perfect sense for only one person: ourselves.

Each and every event, each and every interactive moment, each and every choice, every emotion, every caress, every tremor - everything we are experiencing has a special significance for us that no one else understands. Our mayhem is logical, in our own history there are sections that are not in order. If we keep beginning over and over again, we'll have the best novel we've ever written: our own.

A well-known author, Joan Didion is known by many as "the whitewhale of the US essay". Then out of nowhere, Didion's late Didion's late writing author John Gregory Dunne passed away in the sitting-room. But after the script was released, Didion realized it was safe to begin a new phase in her career.

It' a true era. In the beginning we said how important it is to have empty pages in our work. Space for more episodes - new, thrilling and happy one. Each tag is a empty page where you can make your own history. Sometimes a trauma of a young child, a familycrisis, an unfaithfulness or a bereavement can make us believe that our history ends with this last, deadly episode.

A number of sections have been revised. So, let's be courageous and make the history we want. Make your own stories.

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