How can I Write my own Book

What can I do to write my own book?

Children are creative, imaginative and love to tell stories. The Write the Book prompt is to write about the role coffee has (or does not have) in your own work and life. You' ve got to write a book: Because he doesn't write most of his books. The system, which relies on writing a shitty first draft, will help you to develop the writing habit.

The best-selling man who doesn't write his own book | James Patterson | Entertainment

Its confused crowd of four- and five-year-olds tries to watch, but it is a lost fight. For the past six years he has been the most lent out writer from UK galleries. In this year alone - just think, it's only February - he had three bestsellers number one.

One of his most recent books, Merry Christmas Alex Cross, calls on his God-fearing, family-loving African sleuth to investigate two consecutive but unlikely cases on Christmas Day: one case of a local hostage-taking, the other of a criminal assassination attempt on Washington DC Central Railway station. This is why his literature outputs are so huge, at a monthly production of about one book, that in most of his books he does not write the line breaks himself.

A 60-80-page adaptation, he defines the story and character in detail and then commissions a novelist to turn it into a full-length book. If I ask him if he's a good journalist, he says no author has ever stopped. Every morning he gets up at dusk, and his home in Palm Beach, Florida, is working on novel work.

Says his biography is about his spouse Susan (he got remarried later, after he lost a fiancee to cancers as a young man), his 15-year-old boy Jack, who is at college, and his work. Other than that, it's typing, texting and more text. It has no non-profit making organization - it does everything itself - and says that it can' t believe how uncomplicated it does it.

Following a top honorary position as chairman of the J. Walter Thompson agency and another in mystery writers, which he only began at the age of 40, he has the opportunity to create a third before resting?

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