How can I Write a Story

So how can I write a story?

I found six important steps helpful: Her story will not resonate with others if it is free of emotions, as I discovered when writing the first draft of my own story. Free writing is an easy way to put your words on the page. Attempt to summarize your life in two or three sentences. When you try to write them down, what happens - does the writer's block start?

Writing its history

I' ve always been attracted to comic narrators who are able to make their story in its simplest and yet so accurate way that each and every one of them reaches its goal. He' s always upbeat. On Audible I recorded Margot Leitman's Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need and loved to hear her tales about how to "tell his story".

She is standup comedy, story teller, podcaster and humorist. These are my most important take-aways on how I have used Margot's story-telling principles in my own processes of authoring brief story-telling and retrospective non-fiction. Mrgot is talking about the visualization with Brocken. Put your story in clots.

I' m typing on media, so I use the portable application to complete my designs, which I can extend later during my typing work. Here Margot begins to summarise and speaks about the things that go into a story: the introduction, the centre or the flesh and the end.

I' ve always found that the beginning is the hardest part of storytelling. Here Margot's mighty tip helps me write the story the way you would tell it to a boyfriend, like in a talk, two snippets. "So I chatted with my woman one night." That's how I began this story:

Start with a short introduction about the history behind the story. Its first landmark is to come to the flesh of history, the center. Here we are sharing the emotions of the story with the readers, and as Margot emphasizes: "Build the story to a high point or a dissolution.

Now, I think it' s Margot's idea not to tell the public about the morality of the story. There is no need to spelt everything, especially when we write it in Adobe Flash, where the skill of reasoning is usually the basic one. I like to experience creativity in order to finish a story.

Margot refers to Seinfeld's equation in section 14 to tell a story. I' ve never tried it, but it would be great to write our tales with this form. Once the story's done, concentrate on something else. If you come back, Margot will suggest that we tell the story aloud.

I' m asking Margot that we try to keep this group small, which I do. I always agree with my spouse and my brothers when I finish my work. Your brutal, frank criticism has led me to completely re-write my work. You' ll be learning from your errors and your typing will improve over the years, but if by then you're ready to get rid of everything and get started again.

These are some of Margot's issues that must be different in the editing/revision proces. Be passionate about writing and your story will delight the public. Best tales come from everyday living. So tell your story.

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