How can I Write a Book

Can I write a book?

What is a history book? Thinking before you begin, think about what an author is trying to achieve by writing a book of history. Writing a book review What is a storyboard? Thinking before you begin, think about what an writer is trying to achieve by creating a story books. It will help you to read the script.

What are the author's objectives? 1 ) Aim or purpose of the work - who is the public? What does the work do?

2 ) Thesis/argument: not always the same as objective - sometimes historiographically - must be clear in the verification process a ask what the writer intends to do? - this is the author's policy to formulate his case - does the volume meet the reader's expectations? Part II What is a Coverage?

When you write, ask yourself why books are reviewed - what are they trying to do? What kind of public? 1 ) practically all review books (academic or not) are typed to help a person decide whether or not to do so. It is not necessary to summarize the entire text. Readers just need to know what the textbook is in order to judge whether it is actually useful.

  • People who read books recognize that they cannot cope with the contents of the books without having read them themselves - just want to know whether the arguments that make the books interesting....... does the books make a valuable contribution? Do you think the textbook will be disputed? 1 ) Put the complete quote for the work at the top of the reviews.

2 ) In the first section of your reviewer, indicate the author's intention. When you have gone through all the items of the above textbook, you have analysed it in a critical way. Important: You have to take a stance - don't be afraid to argue. 4 ) Use short para-phrases or quotations from the script in the course of point 3.

There is no need for block quotations (longer than three lines) - they take up too much room in a brief look. 5 ) Cross-check the volume with works by others. You can use other critiques to find things (and directories such as "Historical Abstracts" to find reviews). What does this volume do with a societal or historiographic tendency?

7 ) Styles / formats of the book: Annotate if noticeable good or noticeable poor. 1 ) General field: - Where does the notebook belong in its general area? 3 ) Title: Sometimes the cover of the volume is interesting in itself. Perhaps it doesn't belong in the work? 4 ) Content: Kind of work -- Examples: Question: What are the basic concepts, how are they developped /organised?

6 ) Style: easy? technique? clear? bombastic? economic? clear? verbose?....... fits the selected styles to the target public? work in the fields since the writing of the work? what other work has to be done on the work? 1 ) Quotes, if they come from the books you are reading, should be followed by the page number in parentheses, i.e. : (p. 24).

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