How can I Publish my Book Online

Can I publish my book online?

When you sell online, make the most of your Amazon site. Any other business I do today has its roots in my online publishing business. On-line is different from other self-publishing services. I' ve published my last two books on tablo. io, based in Australia.

Surprising solution - How to write a book:

Publication and sale of your book about Amazon Kindle in Nigeria - the good, the evil and the ugly

Updated: Due to the great interest, I have prepared a free step-by-step guide to help you learn how to publish your book on Kindle. I' ve released two Nigerian titles on the Amazon Kindle Store in the past, but I'm not excited about posting on the site in the near future - until things go right.

When you' re new and wonder what it is, let me educate you quickly about Amazon Kindle. Amazons is the world' s biggest online merchant. The Amazon Kindle Gadget is an eBook browser from that lets people buy, search, download and view eBooks, papers, magazines, weblogs and other electronic music.

This unit is mainly used in the USA and Great Britain. In the same way as there are PDF, Doc, Docx and RTF file types, there is also the Kindle eBook file that can be viewed on Amazon Kindle devices or apps. Once you have your book in Kindle size, you can send it to Amazon Kindle, resell it for the amount you select, and distribute it to the world.

Also there are Kindles applications for PCs, Android and WinPhones - Kindles application is available in Kindles eBook file formats as Adobe PDF readers is available for PDFs. Doing so will take your Kinderle book to many other places than the normal Kinderle unit. In the USA alone, we speak of over 59 million viewers (as of 2012).

You should order your book from Amazon if you are or want to become an writer. Amazons allows publishers to publish their own book - indefinitely - on the Kindle Direct Publishing - KDP platforms, select the prize, and keep 70% as license fee. You are also offering KDP Select to help editors make more cash - a fund to help you make your stake in the KDP Select Global Fund when borrowing your Kindle Owners' library.

With the KDP choose option you can make your book available free of charge anywhere in the world for a short period of the year. Cross-check this with conventional book publishing houses and you will see how Nigeria's business compares to that of the United States. Amazons promises writers the advantage of getting to the reader around the world, but that is only in theories.

Anyone who wants to appeal to an Asian public will be frustrated by Amazon. I had one eBook that sells 20x more on my website than on Amazon - and this is mainly because Amazon prevents most of Africa from purchasing Kinderle eBooks. That nasty message appears on the right every ebook you want to order from an Africa based land - almost certainly about Nigeria.

So how do you get through to the world? But if you want to get through to the readership in developed/Western nations, you have no problems here, but if you want to get through to the Africans, you have to go elsewhere to buy your book. When I am writing my book from Nigeria, don't I have the right to market on the plattform in my state?

"No, " Amazon said in an exclusive one. If Amazon denies my book to a reader from a certain geographical area, how does Amazon warrant the so-called copyrights? You know what to look forward to when you publish your book on Amazon. I' m not trying to stop you from posting your work on Amazon-Kinderle.

It' rewarding if you want to appeal to an ubiquitous crowd, but if you want to appeal to Nigerians or Africans, don't really get much from the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Plattform, at least for now. Would you like to publish your book on Amazon Kindle? When I have a number of interests, I will make a contribution about how you can shop your book on Amazon Kindle in a few business hours.

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