How can I Publish my Book on Kindle

What is the best way to publish my book on Kindle?

Is it necessary to protect my book from publication on Kindle? Do you need to protect your book before you publish it on Kindle? But with Kindle this is a grey area.

Claiming copyrights is incredible value. Simply go to the website of the Copyrights Office, load up your artwork, fill in some essential information such as your name and your postal code and start paying for the work. All you have to do is accept the copyrights and the note will be sent to you.

In this way it is ensured that the copyrights are actually in the Library of Congress, which provides you with the best possible level of security. Rather than force attorneys to go through digital signing and involve Amazon (which would occur if a case like this were taken to trial and had no conventional copyright), you could use your copyrights as proof that you are the proprietor of the work.

Your right to protect your work is the cause of our copyrights. It is intended to show that you own the work and that no one else may publish or use it without your consent. With Kindle copyrights, this can be cloudy and a little bit tricky because the courts may find it a matter of subjectivity. As there is no conventional mention of copyrights, it may be more complicated for the courts to make a ruling.

That is especially the case if someone uses your Kindle work and later releases it on Kindle under their own name with a different name. You are the author once you start to write your book. If you go to the courts, the point is not to show that you made the book, but to prove that you are the author.

The Library of Congress documents are indisputable evidence that you own the copyrights. Look at this neat flow chart that will guide you through the copyrights procedure (click HERE to see it in full size): Whilst copyrights don't come at a high price, some folks might find it difficult to part with $35.

When you really get by on a small household you should waive the copyrights. And the joint Amazon book only makes about $100 to $200 without much market. When you are not ready to move your book up, you will reduce your profits by about 15-30% with this pay.

A further drawback is that it sometimes lasts an additional two to three month (sometimes longer) on general terms to obtain the work. Usually you can publish to Kindle during this period, as the case number should match the copyrights number, but it might be more secure to do so. However, if you want to take the secure path, you will have to postpone the publication date of your book by a few month.

Copyrights are unbelievably uncommon when it comes to Kindle and other ebooks. You tell Amazon that someone has taken your book, fill in some papers and they will get rid of the book within a few week or month (maybe you can accelerate the procedure by phoning Amazon).

All authors are afraid of their books being taken, but it happens much less often than you think. You really need a copyrights? No. You can publish your book immediately on Kindle without spending your own precious resources. Doing this might also be the simplest and best way to do it if you are just having Fun and are not planning on Marketing the book.

When you are planning to earn a lot of cash with the book, to invest a lot of effort and cash in the book and to make it a big success, then it could not do any harm to get a copyrigh.

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