How can I Publish my Book for free

Can I publish my book for free?

Click on "Your bookshelf" on the KDP main page. Search and click on "Light eBook actions". Search and then click on "Edit eBook content". Then click on "Upload eBook Manuscript" and upload your manuscript file from your computer. I' ve entered all this in the field "Book title".

Publishing and selling on iBooks Store

iBooks Author is a free application available on the Mac and on the Apple Store that lets you publish and publish iBooks. You can use the utilities in the application to include images and meta data in a book.

Or you can open.ePub documents that you create in a different application than iBooks Author and then resell or share them for free on the iBooks Store. In order to publish your book from iBooks Author, you must first create a PDF, text file,.ePub or.ibooks book.

In order to determine which is the best size for your book, you first need to determine how you want to use it. Allows you to publish works you make with iBooks Author on the Internet as a stand-alone buying or subscribing game. If you are selling your book on the Internet, it must be in a non-iBook file size (.ibooks).

PDF and ePub are just two non-iBook formats. The iBooks Store is the only way to resell your work in iBooks size. If you make a work available for free, you can share it in any desired formats (including.ibooks) through the iBooks Store or otherwise.

All your permissions on the work that you author in iBooks Author are retained. When distributing your work in.ibooks file formats, it is subjected to the above deployment limitations.

Now is the right moment to make your e-book for free

There' s not the right moment that makes good business for every writer; the answer can only be given in the light of your bigger objectives and what you want after a book has been purchased for free by a certain user. Make the readers buy your next book in stores.

The best time to do this is when your next book is already available and for purchase - or when it is soon for purchase. It is customary for conventional publishing houses to make the first book or the previous book of the run available free of charge or at a price reduction in the run-up to the introduction of a new book in a run.

Self-publishers often do the same and even make the first book in a serial free of charge to keep the doors as open as possible for new audiences who can become real (paying) supporters. If the next book is not immediately available, this can be less efficient.

In some genres, the reader is most prepared to buy the next book once they have completed the last one; if it takes a long while before the next book is published, you may loose the reader's interest and drive. Increase the exposure of your book and thus the turnover. A number of writers make their book available free of charge to support the ranking among on-line merchants.

As soon as the book is out of the promotional phase, there may be a holo-effect of the sale, while the book expires on the higher rankings for a while. One of the keys here is that once you make the book available for free, it is mandatory to publish the free book anywhere and everywhere. The book provides some non-fiction writers with an affordable introduction to other publishing related topics and related topics.

Once the book has been read and benefitted, the readers may be interested enough to look up the authors' other, more expensive offers, such as on-line courses or advice. In order to work well, such possibilities should be noted in the book itself, and a website must be willing and wait to benefit from the interest.

Create an email mailinginglist. Writers and other on-line business owners have used free e-books as a way to build their email mailing lists, which they then use to sale prospective books und more. Simply be wary of not starting to create an email mailing lists that will go idle for month (or even year); email addresses get old quickly and folks tend to overlook signing up for your auctions.

You should have an email campaign and articles you know you will be selling before you begin to give away e-books. Both of the incumbent writers Chris Guillebeau and Michael Ellsberg published free PDF e-books containing some of their most convincing tales and advices, and were able to turn this interest into affordable long-term possibilities.

No matter what your level of careers, it can be strategically and effectively to make your work available for free. Simply make sure you are aware of what your strategy objectives are and how free work is helping to achieve them - and then gauge the results so you can better focus your next year.

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