How can I Publish an Ebook

What is the best way to publish an eBook?

However, the illustrations are missing. As one publishes an ebook on Google Play Buchs That'?s from a work in progress. Publish to Amazon is easy; publish to Smashwords is a little more complicated, but publish to Google Play is a little like trying to prevent an bull.

Now, maybe this is a little tough for Google. But their tutorials and help file are not very good and their website uses really horrible colors with very low contras.

In addition, Google reduces your purchase costs by a fixed amount and does not inform you what causes other merchants to compare them. In spite of this fact and the fact that Google'apparently pays[1]' 52% bonuses, it is still profitable to bring your textbooks to the Google Playsite because, apart from the purchases there, it makes your textbooks more easily known.

You' ll be asked to log in to your Google Account. Select a'Publisher Name', verify the'Independent/self-published author' and make sure that your contacts are accurate. You will now see the page'Catalogue'. Of course, your first thought will be to write a notebook, but to avoid the seduction - it won't do you any good.

If your browser displays a Google payment, go back to the page and click the'Check your banking account' button to submit it. After you have successfully validated your banking accounts, you can begin to add ledgers, but you are not yet done with configuration. First, you must specify the taxes and dates of sale.

Word'Payment Settings' and'Payee Profile' are useful Google words (nice to clarify.) Click on'Payee Profile'. You will see a tax information transfer icon next to'Tax details'. I' have'Show photos in eBook' activated, because I own the copyrights for all pictures used in my manual.

If you tick'Include pages scanned', your e-book will also be made available as a PDF copy. When writing erotic literature or other textbooks that are not suitable for kids, you must tick "For a seasoned audience". This should avoid Google making it available to kids. This means that at least an ordinary person cannot simply copy your eBook and resell it under a different name.

Towns must probably be defined as WORLD unless, for some apparent reasons, you cannot market the product in all states. Buy linkto text' would be the name of your website and'Buy link' would be the page on your website where the eBook can be purchased. The' publishers website' must be the website address.

The' Thumbnail Details' section has two check boxes. First, it allows you to add or remove graphs from the selected percent of the previews. Each graphic at the beginning of your textbook could use up most of the thumbnail kit, so it's best to have a non-fiction with a lot of pictures (like this one).

Secondly, only if your work is free and allows 100% previews. The next is the most important and possibly most confused area - pricing. Now, you'd wait for that for $2. 99 books would you fix a $2 prize. 99 wouldn't you?

That' not so - Google doesn' t make it that easy and if you fixed that rate, it would have a catastrophic effect on your Amazon licenses. When you rate an e-book at $2.99, Google can offer a 24% rebate and tax up to 23%, which would mean a total of $1.77 before tax.

Amazons would compare the prize with this and you fall on the 35% Royals there! And to make things even harder, Google gives you a 52% license fee on your e-books. What is the calculation? That doing means our $2. 99 e-book should have a cost of $3. 99 before taxes and $5. 06 after taxes.

It seems in reality that Google's commission rate varies with the cost of the e-book and may differ a little. One second for the outside and fixing this rate including tax. They will be converted into the corresponding currency by Google. The following example shows the link'Details' on the right side.

Your $2. 99 e-book reserve will cost as follows: Whilst you are here, note that Google allows you to place specific promotional offers. You can also include additional artwork for other inexpensive titles or for those for which you want to make a promotional sale. Some of the screen shots are from the 4th volume of the'A Vested Interest' serie, which I added as co-author.

From the first Google Playsite at com/books/pu..... 2. Choose'Book Catalog'. Then click on the'Add book' pushbutton! Using the Smashwords ISBN number I had as my account ID, I used my prepared $3.99 pattern. Attach the name, caption (if any) and a descriptive key.

Since this is a co-author textbook, I have added the authors' name separately and not "John & Shelia Chapman". It' now it is a good moment to load up the books. Launch the caliber and find the volume. Click the'Open' button to open the Caliber Libraries directory where the calibration is located.

Hint - I use Windows 10, show enhancements and hide data and use the'Details' screen. You may not see two epoxy file names in your caliber book. Both of the described data are the data to use. When you have chosen and loaded the file, you will receive the message'No file processing', which changes to something similar after a while:

Recall I used my $3. 99 mask, which means Google charges $5. 24 and then discounts that prize in their own unexplained way. Adjust the date of publishing to the date of the first publishing of the volume. Enter the serial name and number if the volume is part of a serial.

Type your name as editor. When you reschedule the release date, you can specify it in MM/DD/YYYYYYY. Choose whether your eBook should be DRM-secured. When your album has pictures, tick the next field. If you would like to download the text in German, I suggest that you provide the text in German in pdf by ticking the next checkbox.

Except if your text contains eroticism, excessive graphics or contents that are not suitable for kids, do not mark "For a seasoned audience". Whichever value you select, it should be smaller than the amount in the next field. If you do not have the option of selling your order directly on line, i.e. accepting payment and delivering contents directly, please do not fill in the fields "Buy link".

When you have a registred player icon, please load it, but verify the help query to see the requests. Specify the thumbnail detail. If you have a purpose, click the "Next" tab and then the "Publish to Google Play and Google Books" tab. When you have made any errors, Google will now inform you in its own "helpful" way.

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