How can I make an Ebook

Can I create an eBook?

This iBooks Author Tutorial teaches you how to create a book in iBooks Author from scratch - complete with embedded video, interactive tests and more. Creating an ebook in the pages on iPhone and iPad

When you want to make an eBook on your iPhone, look no further than the Apple Pages application. As part of the iWork package, the pages come with built-in eBook authoring and approval utilities that allow you to post your work in EPUB to make it accessible to virtually anyone.

Making an eBook in Pages is easy, and it' s almost easy to add to it. Here is how to build your own ebook in Pages for iPhone and iPad. Browse pages on your iPhone or iPad. Touch one of the predefined patterns under the heading Movies - Portrait or Movies - Landscape.

While Apple suggests portrait artwork for text-based book styles, landscape formatting is best for multi-picture or column format. Portrait format exporters adapt their text to different display size or instrument alignment, while landscape style sheets are stable.

When you create your portrait artwork, new pages are generated as you type. However, if you create horizontal format eBooks, you must add extra pages to them. Browse pages on your iPhone. Touch your textbook. Touch the desired page style. Drag the thumbnail down to go back to your work.

On iPad, the process of creating pages is slightly different. Browse pages on your iPad. Touch your textbook. Select the desired page style. Once you have your books ready, you can save them in EPUB file formats and exchange them with others. Browse your books on your iPhone or iPad.

Touch EPUB. Touch Copy to iBooks to display your iBooks. Select an application from the Share drop-down list to share your eBook in a different way. Please let us know in the commentaries if you have any queries about the creation or approval of a Pages application on your iPhone or iPad.

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