How Authors Write Books

Authors writing books

The majority of these great authors write about strong female protagonists. I have an opinion: Shouldn't writers be writing outside their cultural identity? Originally published on Ozy by Bay Area Book Festival founder and director Cherilyn Parsons. Each year in January I go from California to India to immerse myself in a celebratory literature debate: the Jaipur Literature Festival. The JLF is considered the greatest novelistic experience in the world, but what I like is its intrepidity.

It' s an uninhibited event, even the colours seem to be exploding in your midsection. This is all for textbooks, not for soccer players or Rockstars. Coming from almost every continents, this year there was even an expert on Antarctica. Like in the literature community, JLF lecturers discussed how many critics are permitted to post histories outside their own culture or race identity - negative denominations as "cultural appropriation".

" Most JLF editors claimed that editors should be able to type and post from any angle - and I concur with most of that - but others were repressed with sharp criticisms to be heeded. It is Thayil who acknowledges that the acquisition of culture is exactly what people do. "If you just wrote out of your own skins, "how quickly would your footage be used up," he asks.

The Perfect Nanny (Lullaby in the UK), a Prix Goncourt award-winning novel writer, is a French-born Maroccan who is tired of being told that she should not be writing outside her own personal experiences. "I' m not a women when I`m writing, I`m not a morokkan, I`m not a muslim, I`m what I want.

It is important that a Moroccan can speak about a Chinaman...... because in the end we are all people. In their opinion, the acquisition of culture is about force. The JLF writers also spoke about the downside - what it's like to speak from within one of these repressed societies outside the West imperialist whites, men and empires.

You are either put under pressure to either type from the Empire's point of view (exoticize or eroticize yourself and your history) or you are supposed to declare yourself to the Imperium. The Somalian novelist Nadifa Mohamed explains how non-western or non-white authors are located "as anthropologists" of their particular experiences. Nigeria's Abubakar Adam Ibrahim says if an Africans wants to compose a kosmopolitan novel, editors demand tales of Africans' communities.

Rabih Alameddine, a Lebanese-American author who is more than anything else identified with being San Francisco, says it is terrifying to have to stand up for the Arabian people. Inviting to the Jaipur Literature Festival is one of the most sought-after in the literature scene, not only because of the lavish evenings.

Writers live from the liberty to talk, which has not been promoted recently all over the while. It was the adventure program of the Bay Area Book Festivals that gave me my inspiration for the foundation and direction of the Bay Area Bookfestivals. What is the point of the discussion about the acquisition of culture? To do so, the best response is to be fearlessly confrontational with oneself and others, which is the real meaning and aim of writing.

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