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Horror Specialized Agents Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency was established in 1988 by former Darley Anderson and is headquartered in London with a local branch in Hay-on-Wye, a city on the border with Wales. Liaison with the APA Talent & Literary Agency in Hollywood. Accept entries for business literature, includes thriller, mystery, crime, horror, imagination, accessible literature, romance drama, endangered girls, legends and stories.

Darley Anderson only accept hard copies for literature. Abi Oliver, Rani Manicka, Chris Mooney, Annie Murray, B A Paris, Lesley Pearse, Lynda Page, Adrian Plass, Sheila Quigley, Carmen Reid, Dave Rudden, Rebecca Shaw Estate, Peter Sheridan, Graeme Sims, Elizabeth Waite, Kate Wild, Ahmet Zappa.

Established in 1988.

Twelve frahlings searching for horror novels NOW

To celebrate my three new ledgers published in September this year (what a great autumn!), I'm making a bunch of specific listings of agents looking for questions right now. I' ve already created listings of storybook agents, thrillers, phantasy agents and women's movie agents. Please find below a shortlist of 13 agents looking for NOW horror stories.

An Survival Guide is an anti-clown humour guide that will teach you how to protect yourself from those red-nosed idiots that bother us. Guide to Literary Agents 2016 is a large data base of agents - who they are, what they want, how to enter them and more. In 2016, the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market offers a variety of marketplaces (agents, publishing houses, etc.) for authors & illuminators of children's literature - from small and medium-sized businesses to young adults.

As of October 2015, all agents below have told me in person that they are NOW looking for horror stories. As submitted: In order to file your work for review, please mail a request for information, a summary and the first 30 pages or three sections of your work, whichever is more, to carlie[at] ckwebber.com and put the words "request" in the reference line of your e-mail.

Insert your material either in the text of your message or as a Word or PDF attach. Inquiries only. As submitted: Insert the first ten pages of your text into your e-mail. There are no appendices. to find an operative, it's there: finally: A LITERARY BooksGET A LITERARY ANGENT from 2015 gives advices from more than 110 frahlings, who give advices on questions, crafts, the filing procedure, research and much more.

Fill with all the advices you will ever need to find an agency, this is a great companion guide to literary agents for the agency data base. As submitted: Inquiry[ at] corvisieroagency.com and enter "Attn: Veronica Park - Request - [BOOK TITLE]" in the foreground. They prefer to insert your request for information, your summary and 15-20 page samples into the text of the e-mail.

To earn points, add a link to your online profile in your message sign. As submitted: Send a request and the first few sections (inserted in the email) to Rebecca[at] reesagency.com. As submitted: Set "Query: The" [Title]" in the reference line. Send us a request for information together with the first section of your paper and a summary.

Be sure to indicate the gender and number of words in your covering letters. As submitted: Please return the first 10 pages of your paper to ashane[at] writershouse.com with the reference "Query for Alec Shane: [TITLE]". As submitted: In order to request [@] thetobiasagency.com, enter "Request - The name of your manuscript" in the reference line, then insert the first five pages of your script into the text of the email.

Submitting how: flahertyqueries[at] the bentagency.com. Do not ask Heather if you also ask Beth Phelan of The Bent Agency, who is also on this listing. Include the first ten pages of your text in your e-mail.

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