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Here is a list of some (not all) well-known authors of the horror fiction genre. The Top Ten horror writers. A New York Times bestseller, Jonathan Maberry is a five-time Bram Stoker Award winner, anthology editor, comic writer, magazine feature writer, playwright, content creator and teacher/writer. He' been named one of the top ten horror writers of today by Horror Novel Reviews. The horror writers Stephen King and Dean Koontz are very well-known and popular modern horror fiction writers.

The Top Ten Horror Book Authors

Stephen King Stephen Edwin King is an US writer of modern horror, psychic phantasy, tension, sci-fi and phantasy. Much of his most famous books are Carrie, It, The Shinning, The Stan, The Dark Tower, and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, which later became...read more.

He is arguably one of the best-known and most productive writers of our age. With the frustrating kid developing telekies to a mythical world of armed men and animals, and going through the fundamental horror of classical vampires and vermin, King does one thing for sure: he lets you read and devour the next section.

There is no other horror author who compromises when it comes to characterization - and if you don't take concern for the protagonists, then there is no horror, because there is no anxiety about the destiny of this one. And King gets better the older he gets - maybe not scary, but he's a much better author.

He' s written so many great textbooks where he's read IT right now. As he hid his whole body under the planks, a total psycho in my opinion, Stephen King is said by the crowd just because they know the name. But King is nothing in comparison to her. He was able to catch emotions, anxiety, anguish, loneliness and total despair that the king just can't get.

While King is shocking with images (Blood, or as in Misery, the Poe is shocking the death rodent icecream cone) with inner stresses and anxiety (the common sense you have with the protagonists in Tale-Tell Hart, as it strikes, strikes, strikes through the ground boards). When you really like the horror scene, you wouldn't put anyone in second place as gifted and committed as Edgar Allen Poe.

There are, of course, those who believe that "the so-and-so" are so much more frightening, but Edgar Allen Poe was the man who penetrated into the unconscious ness of man and his anxieties in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Without Poe, Stephen King would have no place in this earth.

When someone says otherwise, they can't really assess the real horror world. and Lovecraft should be first. It was Lovecraft who layed the foundations for horror/science movies as we know them today. There' ll never be another author like him with the same universeview.

I was the first horror writer I could ever see. Since I was early on I was inducted into horror films and literary works. But when I ramified out, I realised that King is somehow elemental and doesn't really differ from his default formulation after the first series.

Goose bumps is very intensive and will introduce a new personality to almost every book. She is very resourceful when it comes to horror storytelling, but horror tales that your children to come will love! Right now he's researching Vengeance raz. What a book! He is the best horror author for children. Oh, I like King, Koontz, poetry and Lovecraft.

He raises horror tales to the ART standard. There' s something to learn when you read your work. Isn' that real horror? is that we all have the ability to be a beast. It is a challenge to withstand this stimulus, no matter how much "horror" we have witnessed in our own world.

They are more like serious reading. Coontz has a streamlined appetite for his work and is probably making more cash, but Klive is on a different plane. In 1985, Stephen King said he was the dawn of horror. That'?s the truth. He is still the horror of the past.

He' s so good at his work, he' s still ahead of his times. Creativ, fanciful, hair-raising, cooling, this man wrote it. I think he should be the number one horror novelist! but a much better horror novelist than King.

but when it comes to horror? He was one of the greatest writers of all kinds in the twentieth century. Weaving one of the greatest horror tales of all times, he made what may be the most notorious of all monsters, Dracula!

In her one novel, Mary Shelley has energised the horror world at a crucial time, so its impact has been felt for over 200 years. Lovecraft's essays "Supernatural Horror in Literature", in order chronologically, gives a good overview of Shelley's position in horror fiction by showing what preceeded and followed her.

Shelley should only be included in the top ten because of its pure effect and effect on the gene. To me, he's second after #1, that's Stephen King. It contains horror, enigma, thriller and thrill. He used to inspire Stephen King, sometimes he gets into it. If he dips into his horror, you will NOT be asleep!

The Koontz-Book stays with you for a lifetime. He' a baseball field over Stephen King. This is the best book I have ever seen. Really its the best 12 textbooks I have ever reread. Not only its fearful but there are so many marvelous adventures in it you just can't stop perusing it.

You' re always like "1 page more and I'll stop reading", that never happens! As I read this show, I promise I can sense every emotion in my skull. If you haven't read the book, you should waste your precious little while. Get out there and put Darren's book readings on your pail bookmarks!

He is an award-winning writer who lets his reader rest on the sidelines. The reader can't await the next book in the Darren Shan show, as they can't wait to find out what happens next in his perilous ordeal. An astonishing writer, Darren's skill at mixing horror with adventures is astonishing, and every book just lets you ride on the brink of your chair and wants more and more!

When I was a kid, I loved the storyboard and the storyboard of Darren Shan book and the qigong because it worked together even if it wasn't for the storyboard that was put on the game. Of I am Legends to his richness of storytelling, each of them will put a sadist smile on your face.

Matheson' s work, Stephen loves it, so should you. Don't be fooled by his disgrace, he's one of the best, if not the best, horror writers. You' ve got to study some of his grown-up fiction, especially The Season of Passage, to see what a great horror author Pike is. Cristopher Pike is the ideal way for rookies and teenagers to get from most RL Stine titles (especially the non-Goosebumps) into something like this.

When he grew up he liked his tales and he could really get into your mind..... there is a tale of him that follows me STILL. Absolutely the best horror author of all time! That author was an absolutely fantastic narrator. It made you think you were in the midst of horror. I' ve been reading all of Richard Laymon's work.

What great tales. Agatha Christie Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan, was an British mystery author, narrator and theatrist. Let me have the feeling that I read in an 80's horror film, that's definitely a good thing to like his work. Each book he wrote has enchanted and frightened me.

This is my favourite horror author MANDS DOWN. Without Stephen King, Straub would have been the best of the 70s and 80s. It' a twig from Stephen King. You try to get through his ledgers, all his ledgers. The horror begins right at the beginning of his work. Brilliant, Burial and Sleepless are the best I have ever studied.

I' ve been studying his work since I was 14 years old. He' s my favourite playwright. He better be writing a whole bunch more textbooks. It was this novelist who introduced me to the horror scene with'The Homing'. He is a fantasy novelist - I would suggest him every single second! ories has you on the brink of the abyss.

He has an exciting book and each book is different from the previous one. Enthusiasts of horror of all age will be happy about his work. It'?s difficult to put down one of his accounts! That dude can get a horror tale out of a pair of socks and frighten you to death, give you goose bumps or even bother you for even a few orgasms.

Favourite screenwriter, in five words this man can scare you where you are. I was just readin' Ash. It'?s a first-class book. Got me to study more about Herbert, who is currently studying survivors, and so far it's very strange and troubling. Definitely will definitely see more Herbert! The first horror stories I saw were by Herbert.

Used to love and love all his accounts. When King is the Masters of Horror, Ketchum is the Lord of Horror. "To the ghoulish public known as "a real champion of horror". "This hermit's live is truly a real testimony of a live dream and without trip flutter. Dr. Chris Mentillo began to write about such horror because of his unfortunate lifestyles, busying himself mostly with Depression, Fear, PTSD and horrible routine bad nightsmares, thus kindling his career as a well-marketing horror writer. And so....

" She' one of the best writers I' ve ever seen. Depth and darkness and danger, the beautiful BSDs, having fun with Andrei, I don't even like them because it's frightening I like them because they are astonishingly good read. She' s an astonishing author I like, "Took" and "Ghost of Cluchfield Hall" or even "The Dolly in the Garden". While his cover and title may look stupid, he is a terrific author.

Not a horror lover should be without Swan Song or Boy's Lif. Robert's tales are always excellent. He' s writing in an unbelievable way. I' ve got a great fantasy and the textbooks I've seen from Robert are so intensive with the way he described everything I can imagine in my head as I am studying.

But I really did love Usher's Passing and the little necktie to E.A. Poe another great novelist! #33 Ray Bradbury Ray Douglas Bradbury (August 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012) was an U.S. scriptwriter and screenplayist. His work has covered a wide range of styles, among them phantasy, sci-fi, horror and mystical fi.

and more. It'?s up to you. The greatest horror novelist of all times, Stephen King, is inspiration from Mr. Bradbury. Bierce's shorts are almost equal to Poe's. Hugley underestimated auteur. A great novelist, every kind. Willam Blatty has written a number of novels focusing on ordinary thoughts about unexplained events in the world. His book and his knowledge of the character convey a real sense of realism.

His most persuasive aspects of his works, which shout the truth, are the most persuasive. It makes us experience the true horror, the truth. The Exorcist, Legion and Redemption meet the readers again and again. It succeeds in breaking our psycology, a thing that only a few authors could orchestrate.

He has unbelievable writing and shortsheets. Although horrible, action-packed and full of gores, he still succeeds in developing astonishing figures and incorporating a few good-looking phrases that will accompany you long after your read. Forty-six Alfred Hitchcock Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, was an Anglo-American filmmaker and filmmaker, sometimes also called "The Master of Suspense".

Although he's not a total novelist. He' s got great tales. He' s got good investigative stuff, too. Susan spirits are usually underestimated. They' re usually brief (so a seated read is very likely for most people), but the mood often develops without you realising that you're apathetic. Loving how she puts her textbooks into the past, I seem to indulge in her Victorian horror and images of the old state.

On the best contemporary horror writer in the world.

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