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Searching for home in. We' re looking for two fiction editors for our busy freelance team. Cultural exploration of British houses in fiction. Fiction and non-fiction by award-winning author Mark Spivak. Designed by the Fiction Factory in Amsterdam.


Baker is struck by his grandmother's unhappy 12-year-old photosession (moussed, midriff; paid button-down; celebrity pimple). We took our off-season seriously, worked really well, gained 15 lbs of muscles, and now we're here to do it! Once a sage instructor once said that explaining a gag is the least fun.

So we' ve chosen to do a whole show in which we explain how to write humour because we're not smart. It' the last date for us to participate in the Fiction Open! Once Baker had a typing instructor who said that typing was not a contest between authors. There was a custom every Friday afternoons for Tommy and Baker's MFAs.

Fellas, we're here to tell a little harsh truths. Tommy ruled this weekend that he needed more than a snooze to discuss the history and outline of the game. It' all about anaarchy and mess, and this weeks we're being organised.

It' the 2016 FICTION OPEN! Winner storyline will be released in Razor Lit Mag (where Baker is the editor, so you know it's cool) and the writer will be a featured artist at an up-coming..... Each case in those primary schools lettuce days, I would get to go to Wal-Mart too quietly...

There are things here that Tommy Zurhellen doesn't believe in: We' ll decide not to let so many nights go by between shows in 2015 (until Baker's Gemini arrive. Maybe we'll miss a few of them. However, today on the show we are talking about the innovation we are feeling..... It' s difficult to develop an notion for a novel or history, and it is difficult to create it, and it is difficult to work with.

Get them to watch your paper. We' re going to talk about brazen self-expression and Tommy..... You know how you used to like to hear a novel when you were a child? Do you love to hear a tale out loud? No. It was just something, something reassuring, that only a loudly narrated tale could offer.

Casey, in the splendour of his victory..... At the beginning of the second season, when we go back to normal class, we.....

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