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View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best women in Hollywood, CA. What Hollywood Literary Management Company is best for you? Do you want a business that matches your mood, your skills and your esteem for the type and your writing styles? We' ve designed a trivia game to help you find out which Hollywood literature manager firm is best for you. Below are some of the best Hollywood literature administration firms and some information about them.

We are one of the largest managers in the world. They are a power pack in TV-comedies, but also powerful in all styles. You represent some of the greatest authors in the world. Her customers Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling and Charlie Day.

Her customers have produced shows like The Office, It's Always Sunday in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Silicon Valley, Master of None and many more. One of the largest content managers in Hollywood. They are very powerful in realizing fiction movie productions and in recent years their customers have produced some of the most prestigious movies such as Spotlight, The Revenant and The Disaster Artist.

zero gravity is a fantastical managerial firm that concentrates almost entirely on authors and film-makers. You have a tendency to do great work with artists of the generation, even though they have had successful customers all along the line. They have been the most powerful in terms of feature sets from a historical point of view, but recently they have also had great television hits with shows like Ozark and Extraction.

The Circle of Confusion is a large executive firm that has had many successful actions such as The Matrix, American Ultra and Insurgent. And they also made one of the greatest TV shows of all times, The Wandering Dead. The Bellevue is a boutique-sized managerial firm interested in creating authors from the basement.

It is a managerial and manufacturing enterprise that has really become a big actor in the last ten years. The Kaplan/Perrone Group is a leading authoring group. They are a little more of a fashion shop because of their writer emphasis, but they are known for engaging their customers with the work.

The Heroes and Villains has one of the broadest offerings of all mid-sized managers, but since they also serve cartoon and videogame authors, there is also a good dosage of this kind of movie adaptations and TV work. But they are not afraid of customers with award-winning ventures like The Mayor of Shark City or TV-shooter.

Gotham Group is large and has good relations with publishers, giving customers a great chance to adopt popular literary works. Customers have had great hits in the past with movies like The Maze Runner and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Fascinating game. Founded after the closure of BenderSpink (Chris Bender's former managerial firm with credentials such as The Hangover and We're the Millers), Good Fear is a small, young business with long-time talent.

Thanks to their excellent experiences and customer bases, they quickly develop into one of the most powerful managers in the industry. and they' re accepting original film. Unditled Entertainment is a big hit by executive firms and one of the largest, especially among comedians, which can be a big plus for authors looking for appendix.

They usually concentrate on authors of fiction films because they have A-list talents, but they also work on television. With The Sopranos, Brillstein is a large, powerful managerial firm that revolutionized television. You are also big influences in the game environment and on studios. While representing some of the world's greatest performers, 360 has done an amazing amount of work to concentrate on creating singular voice in the game.

Representing the makers behind the drama, award-winning Lady Bird and The Shape of Water releases just this year. Midssized Madhouse concentrates on obscure, star-driven suspense stories with the quintessential side prisoners, safe house, contraband and more. Their protagonists include Justin Marks, Aaron Guzikowski and David Guggenheim. Mozaic is a large, highly comedy-oriented business that prides itself on its work on Step Brothers and The Other Guys.

You represent customers who work in both TV and feature areas but have concentrated on genuine functions in the past.

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