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Report about Ulysses S. Grant / Belle Grenville-Mathers. Present an author's argument and, above all, criticize the historical argument. Featuring a detailed history of the country of Lower Rio Grande in Texas through civil war and reconstruction. Book and digital resource reviews in all areas of history.

Funny, passionate and entertaining book reviews by Jennie Erikson, a history lover whose writing is intelligent, honest and hilarious.

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Audio Book Review| Smoketown: An untold story of the other great dark--..... "Smoke Town" illuminates landmarks of dark history and Pittsurburgh's Hill District athlets and musicans in the midst of a 1930s culture revival..... Michaels Collins presents a detailed history of the state of Lower Rio Grande in Texas through civil war and reconstruction.....

The renowned researcher Robert Utley analyses the career of the brigade general of the American West after the Civil War..... Coauthors Sherry Monahan and Jane Perkins present an amusing, interesting introspective on whisky in the West..... The Texas lawyer Bill Neal investigates the 1902 assassination of Llano Estacado Nest J.W. Jarrott of "Deacon Jim" Miller.....

Mihesuah provides the most thorough bio of the Cherokee escapee Ned Christie yet..... The writer and Wild West writer Linda Wommack talks about Colorado's notorious cow empress..... Erik Wright introduces the little known westerner Phil Foote..... Writer Joshua Zeitz describes how the men behind LBJ's Great Society have made disegregation a cornerstone of government outreach.

Writer Michael Giorgione takes the audience to the doors of America's historical president's retreat....... more... Richard Overy provides a vivid report on the foundation and post-war maturing of the British Royal Air Force in 1918..... review Pensioned National Park Services research historian Doug McChristian continues to hold on to the day-to-day life of border guards in the American West.....

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