History Book Review example

Book review example

The Aviation History offers an entertaining insight into the history of international aviation. Which is the basic argument of the book? (This right to receive is the basis of your review.) What is the author's method? You can see how the author uses evidence and examples to support the arguments.

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Write a book review - History

You can ask your teacher to do a book review, probably a scientific historic book. These are some possible answers to the book. Keep in mind that a good rating is crucial, but crucial does not necessarily mean that it is inferior. You can of course ask the same question about any derivative historic work, even if you don't review it.

Who' s the writer and what are his skills? Did the writer write other textbooks on the topic? How was the book published and when did it come out, and how does it relate to the scientific discussion on the topic? E.g. Smith writes to disprove this jerk Jones; to qualified the work of the proficient but uninspired Johnson; or to add meekly the proof presented by the classical Redoubtable Brown stud?

Take care not to mistake the author's point for the point he or she makes only to criticise it later. Does the writer for example depend on stories and stories or is the book analytic in any way? Which kind of proof does the writer use? What, for example, is the ratio of prime and secondaries?

Did the writer do archive work? Does the writer currently appear in the scientific world? And how clever and imaginative was the author's use of the proofs? Are all the materials used by the writer in the book or is there a part of them available for viewing? Which kind of explicitly or implicitly embodied ideology or methodology does the authors use?

Does he admit to flimsy impartiality, for example? Whig's look at history? What is the author's convincing point? Or is it old vine in new bottle? Does the arguement have far-reaching consequences, or is it confined and trite? Has the book been well organised and well-penned?

How do you rate the book overall critically?

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