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Agents for historical fiction

Historical fiction agents. The Gregory & Company Authors' Agents d'auteurs. Frahlingen in search of historical manuscripts. Jill Corcoran, agent with Frahlingur. Frahlingin/Fairy Godmother.

Historical fiction agents

The Gregory & Company Authors' Agents specializes in fiction for adults and general non-fiction. Mostly known for their detective stories and mystery stories, they have also added the best from the world of fiction, literature, history, travelogues and general non-fiction to their lists. It represents criminality, thriller, historical fiction, business fiction, familytales, fiction, biographies and autobiographies.

It is not sci-fi, supernatural/paranormal, self-help/life style book, poems, shorts, children's and youth literature, accounting records and religious or new-ageism. Marey-Jones, Editor, Gregory and Company Authors' Agents, 3 Barb Mews, London, W6 7PA. Associazione di Authors' AgentsThe British Agents' Ass.

Historic Fiction Archive - Madeleine Milburn Frahlingur

Madeleine Milburn Literature, TV & Film Authority is a premier Frahlingur in the UK. Madeleine Milburn is known for finding new authors, making big deal negotiations in all types of mediums such as printing, digitizing, translation and film & TV, and making textbooks best-sellers. Madeleine was named British Book Awards Literature Agent of the Year in 2018.

Now in its 7th year and with three full-time agents, a representative of international law and an internal copywriter, the bookseller described the company as "an important player in publishing".

Writers, Specialist Literature Agencies, Fiction for Adults, General

In today's business environment it is almost indispensable that an writer has an agen. Moreover, the focus of the editing has changed to a certain degree; it is now the agency that finds, maintains and assists an writer, while the agency regards the agency as a dependable screen and screener.

As a good and seasoned salesman, you have a deep insight into the markets and the reputations and understandings to help and assist you in your work. We only provide editing consulting to writers we are representing. Please be aware, however, that we do not treat children's literature, youth literature, SF/Fantasy/Horror/Paranormales, poems, shorts or plays/scripts.

In the following chart you will find all our represented and not represented data. Also, please be aware that due to the huge number of entries we will not reply if your entry is in the "What we do not represent" group. Please if you wish to present your work to us, please provide us with a one-page summary (no glamorous envelope) giving a complete statement of the story and the first three sections or up to fifty pages (double space for easy readability) if you are sending us by e-mail and the first ten pages (double space for easy readability) if you are sending us by mail.

Feel free to mail or e-mail us: To receive a reply by mail (standard letter), please include an SCE. When you don't receive anything from us for 6 consecutive week, you should expect your contribution to be unsuitable for our mailing lists. Unless we have expressly requested it, please do not mail or e-mail the entire typo script.

You will be contacted within 4-6 months if we are interested in further developing your contribution. Please also do not submit any LinkedIn queries to us, as they will be deleted and your e-mail will be considered spam or spam.

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