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The HireWriters Review - HireWriters.com Articles Service Reviews & Ratings

HireWriters.com is an on-demand site for creating contents. It started in 2012 as a kind of articles market place connecting those who needed contents with authors from all over the globe. The low price ($5 for a 700-word article) attracted me, but I should have known better.

Only $8.25 for a 500-word story by an "experienced" author. From an expert author, an item with 500 words costs $19, with qualified authors being those who have finished at least 7 job and have received a minimum 4.1 grade in the HireWriters system.

Experts have finished 12 vacancies with a 4.6 or higher crediting. A further HireWriters offering is a rewriting or item spin services. Behind the hypothesis is that you can use the same contents in several places without incurring "double fines" from Google, as each of them is slightly different.

So, if you really need a great deal of contents, it would make more money on your first purchase to maximise the bonuses. Two over 300 verbal contributions by "experienced" authors for $5.50 each. I was struggling to comply with the instructions and samples I gave them, and could not respond to all the queries I said the article should adress.

I' ve specifically asked for impartial items in newsstyle ('who, what, what, what, where, when, why), but I've gotten back many of my generics that weren't really delivered. Perhaps this is me being a cynic, but if felt like they were really just looking for anything it would get to the 300 words goal so they could be done.

At the end I had some useful phrases, but had to rewrite most of the article myself. Can' t even give the items as an example, because they are almost unrecognisable from what I got back. I recently went back to HireWriters to test the expert skill levels and was quite amazed.

Costs were significantly higher - $19 for a 500-700 words item, but it barely took any processing to prepare it for publication. For the two items I ordered at this stage, both came back over 700 words. When you want an item to which you subscribe, you probably have to buy a little more, or you do it yourself.

HireWriters is a good option if you don't take it into account or just produce contents for your website's index. I have also tried Fiverr and Textbroker products, with quite similar results - although you get a home run every now and then. I like Copywriter Today, which is great if you have the need for US-based authors and a great deal of work on a month to month scale.

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