High School Poetry Contest

The High School Poetry Competition

High School Poetry Contest for Princeton University students. Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for young writers. Awareness Student Contest - Poetry Out Loud Drama Competition. High School Poetry Contest for Princeton University students. U.

S. high school students are eligible to take part in this poetry competition.

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ONLY POETRY!!!!! At the end of each competition we also release current manuscripts containing only the best poems from the competition on the themes of Belief, Charity, Self and Worid. Since 1998 we have been publishers of poetry ethologies and organise scholarships competitions. It is our 21 st yearly competition.

The people who designed and founded this organisation did so because we felt, and still do, that we achieved this through useful experience with young people, poetry and learning, and through some terribly confusing experience of these great online poetry competitions.

It was our opinion that America's young people would deserve a platform that would give serious young writers the chance to have their works dignified, respectful and publicised, and that is what we all want. If you choose to listen to your poems aloud or, for yourself, silently, you will find that the poetry we choose for our collections is unsurpassed.


First place went to our first place and we received a $200 award. Each of the four runners-up received a price of $100. The five victorious high school writers will be reading their poetry at the festival's awards ceremony on Monday 15 January, where they had the chance to get together and be photographed with our eight poetesses and writers from the school.

Commemorative poetry has been selected by our prestigious adjudicator, Dr. Jeff Morgan, Chairman, Department of English, Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida. See the excellent poetry in our High School Poetry Award Program 2018.

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100 to the Editor's Choose prize money, 500 to the Best of Issue prize money and 500 to the Poets of the Year. We have four Editor's Choice prize money prize money (one per quarter), four Best of Issue prize money (one per quarter) and an annual prize for the best poetry of the year (announced in August).

Information on how to participate can be found on the competition website by following the "To participate" button at the top of the page.

In order to take part in this competition, the pupil must send in a maximum of 20 rows of poems (title and see...).

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