Help me Write a Story

Will you help me write a story?

Composing is a critical component and a necessary ability to compete effectively in life, to fulfil potentials and to achieve goals on the way to success. Well, some of them can be pretty ridiculous, and that's okay. Let your imagination run wild and let the juice flow. Kids love to listen to a story for hours. But if you ask them to write a story, they will hesitate and the tips will help to remove fear & gain success.

Writing your own stories in your own way

On November 11, National Novel writer Month and award-winning University of Reading writer Dr. Wendy O'Shea-Meddour will host a GCSE and A-level student arts and culture composition and literacy workshops at a community literacy school. He talks about what it's like to be a children's book writer and gives top hints to the attendees to write their own interesting and varied tales.

God make that history you didn't want?

Did you ever look around your whole world and assume nothing gets better? Nine years ago, when my man abandoned our home, my teenage girls and I were on the run. We' never thought we'd be a fragmented group. And I didn't like how my biography developed and I grieved for what I had not.

Whispering warm prayer at nocturnal hours, they respect the authorities of their masters. But our dynasty didn't do those things anymore. Eventually, my two girls didn't want anything more to do with God. You wouldn't believe him anymore. Frequently, when you think that everything went badly, it's just that you're in the midst of a history.

It' so simple to concentrate on what's lacking and not on God's hands when you're in the midst of a storyline. We were in a troubling part of history eight years ago. It was probably the most difficult year of my entire year. All I could see in the centre was what went bad.

What good can come out of this incredible sorrow? They had been praying and trusting and waiting for the Lord to bring about a changes in their families, but nothing had moved. It felt meaningless in her prayer and her belief fell apart with ours. And I wanted a happily ever after, bound with a ribbon.

My girls would only have faith in God if their prayer was heard exactly as they were asked. I had been praying for them and with them every single one of the nights. Despairing of my girls and myself, the dark seemed to prevail on all sides. That was not the idea I wanted for my own or theirs.

I' m lying up in the dark, scared. For myself I could rely on God - but for my kids? In spite of my anxieties, very slowly, over several years, my two girls came to a profound belief. Somewhere, in the midst of all this suffering, God came true for them again. We are all in the midst of our tales.

He" revives the deceased and brings to live the things that do not exist" (Romans 4:17). You can' make nothing look like it's bound in a ribbon. However, we can rely on God being in history. While we may not comprehend why things are happening, we can be sure that God has a great end uring glory for the suffering we endure.

I' m still in the thick of my history. We can be sure that one of these days, after the last chapters is over, our history will be bound in the most memorable way.

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