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The Headline Publishing Group is a fiction and non-fiction publisher that remains true to its original principles of publishing books that entertain the reader. Types of publications, books - Imprints, Headline Review, Eternal Romance, Tinder Press. The Headline Publishing Group is a British publisher. He has an excellent track record in publishing fiction and non-fiction. Search all titles of the book publications.

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It is recommended that we receive a manuscript from one of our frahlings, and the overwhelming majority of our contributors have done so. In addition, we consider and publish unasked contributions for our literature and non-fiction. Our specialization is very commercially viable and therefore very competitively priced, please review our policies to determine if we are the right publishing house for your work.

Submission guidelines: If it is fictitious, it should be a short summary of the action, inclusive of the end. It should be written in 12 points and two lines - we cannot consider hand-written citations. When you do not involve SEE, we will consider recycling the scripts if we do not want to talk about it further.

The Headline Home opens its gates

The Headline has started the Headline Home life style project with five new tracks. It has Naomi Devlin's Food for a Happy Gut by PFD's Tim Bates (April 2017); Rachel Roddy's Two Kitchens (July) by Jon Elek of United Agents; Life Well to 101 by Dr Dawn Harper by Ben Clarke at Lucas Alexander Whitley;

Unsplugged parenting by Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey (July) of Furniss Lawton's Rory Scarfe; and Lola Akerstrom's Lagom, a "gifty hardback" about a good life (August, copyrights directly autographed by the author).

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