Hardcover Children's Books

Children's hardcover books

Invisible Ludwig, Trudy (hardcover). We print and bind the highest quality softcover and hardcover children's books every day for authors who want to sell their own books. Children's books - Hardcover books The beautifully illuminated volume is certainly an absolute favourite with the reader, whether they have or not. Jump into studying by studying and building up a fabulous archive of libraries! 13 bookset.

It is a tale of endurance recounted in English and Hispanic. Contains facts about Alfredo's history and other tales like his around the globe to help families and teachers speak to kids about migration, stress tolerance, affinity and affiliation.

Hardcover. Dr. Seuss's wonderful final address is the ideal farewell for kids who start out into the wide open air, whether in kindergarten, high schools or university! High up in the sky, over great places of interest to a Lurch on a tingly bass, Dr. Seuss appeals to the ups and downs of our lives with his amusing verses and illustration and encourages the reader to find the succes that he has.

It' simple to learn the script when kids are following the rules and tales in this funny series. Marcus Pfister's novel is a novel about the most attractive marine species that enhances the theme of fellowship and exchange. Rainbow-coloured embossed film is used in this one of a kind textbook to underline the soft messages of the game.

Hardcover. Favourite tales from different civilizations. Contains: Five books with CD's. Children are enjoying this delicious Dr. Seuss volume with a great twist: many awesome keys andtickers! Dr. Seuss' favourite! This brilliant tale is a reading guide using only 75 different words. Hardcover. The boys will adore this classical tale!

He also had his classical sign: "Please watch out for this one. "Buy the cuddly toy and make bookings together as a kit or separately. Dr. Seuss's stupid rhyme textbook leads beginners into a multitude of rhyme-letters. The books are for learners of English in Spain and vice versa. English is the language of choice.

Every photobook has light-colored photos with the German words in italics and the German in italics. The pronounciation lists for each of the words are located on the back of each text. 5 bound books. Enhance your students' understanding and language skills with these multi-format CD and books.

Every historical tale is scripted and contains a CD with 4 different interpretations. First is a supporting, word-for-word read to help students shape and gain self-assurance. It contains a wide range of individuals, places and settings to help kids grow self-esteem, enjoy diverse experiences and empathy.

You are my mother (Hardback) jump into studying by studying and building a fabulous libary for her! He wears his favourite shirts - the one with the four grooving knobs. Accompany Pete on a visit to a farming estate in this grooving adaptation of the classical children's hymn "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".

" Kids will like to sing along! Hardcover. Kids with Down's disease will be thrilled when they find themselves in this alphabetical work. Full-colour photos of a multi-cultural group of kids, mostly with Down's disease, illustrated the plain text that helped their ABC. Hardcover. The Dr. Seuss classics use colourful illustration to help kids understand the language and the music.

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