Hard to find Children's Books

Difficult to find children's books

It seems very hard to find Volume One. Bookshops specialising in classic children's books Are you looking for old children's books? To find a particular bookstore or bookstore near you, use the following table. Or use the following contact sheet to browse the stock of all bookstores specialising in old children's books. Much of the books presented here were heir to a professor-father who carefully looked after and nursed his own collection.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Spain, this is an on-line bookstore offering a large choice of old, used and new books, among them first issues, autograph books, old paperback books, children's books and other out-of-print titbli. You will also find an outstanding collection of books of reference and nonfiction on a broad spectrum of subjects and interests.

World' s most valuable children's books

Did your books from your early years come in crates in the cellar or in the loft? Modest children's books from past years can be invaluable, but only if they are the right issue in the right state. The state of affairs is of double importance when it comes to the value of children's books.

Young people can be too much in love and read a textbook over and over again, leading to excessive use. Pencil or crayon marks, ripped or missing covers reduce the value of a work. The following books can be regarded as classic and have been beloved by several generation of people.

At the top of the list is The Hobbit - the novel that brought the whole fantastic generation to life - and we're discussing the 1,500 first editions released by Allen & Unwin in the UK on 21 September 1937. Most of these replicas are now in private collection all over the globe.

Accessible Alternatives - The 1977 Harry Abrams Delta Illustration with artworks by Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass is beautiful, and the price ranges from $35 to $450. In 1865, the first publication of this volume in the press (2,000 copies) was short-lived because the illuminator John Tenniel did not like the printing on it.

Its next issue (4,000 copies) was in December 1865, but dates from 1866. They' re also pricey and tight. Edited in 1969 by Maecenas Press/Random House, the volume was edited with 12 separate colour pictures by Dali. When Dali's surface art is not your mug of Mad Hatter's Tee, Alice Liddell (later Hargreaves, the true Alice who was Carroll's inspiration for this book) autographed 500 pieces for the Limited Editions Club in 1932 and a fistful are still available for $3,500 to $7,000.

Affordable Alternatives - Princeton University Press releases Dali's Alice in Wonderland in 2015 and prints begin at around $20. Included in the volume is a paper by Carroll specialist Mark Burstein, who explores what went through Dali's minds when he did these illustration work. Principal features of a first issue from 1997 are a printed line with the inscription "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 5 3 2 1" and the credit of "Joanne Rowling" not J.K. The prizes have been awarded since the high points of Pottermania 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Low-priced alternatives - All Harry Potter books that have been autographs by their illustrations (e.g. Mary Grandpre, Jim Kay, Jason Cockroft) are available for low three-digit amounts. It is a remarkably modest children's illustrated textbook that has had a significant influence on the world of pop music. In order to receive a specific copy, it must be a first issue of 1963 issued by Harper & Row, and Sendak's shelf mark will increase the value by tens of thousands. 3.

Sendak, who passed away in 2012, was a magnanimous signatory and often added outlines when he would sign a work. Inexpensive Alternatives - There are a few Where the Wild Things Are Poster that have been made over the years. It' a contemporary classical where evil things happens to poor kids. This is a first issue of Knopf's gold admission card from September 1964, autographed by Dahl and with a flawless cover.

Just 10,000 units were produced and sell out within four week. Inexpensive Alternatives - Search for Dahl books that have been endorsed by his illustrated artist Quentin Blake. The American and British versions were both released in 1922, and you will need one of them to have something really unique on your bookcase. A very cheap option - Marjory Williams also composed a very long poor Cecco also.

It is possible to find early issues of 1925 for several hundred bucks. This tale about the bears with the small brains is indispensable for every children's reader. Released 1926 by Methuen, the perfect copy would be autograph by Milne and maybe also the illustrated books by E.H. Shepard. It is the availability and state of the cover that will greatly affect the value of this volume, which has inspired the reader for 90 years.

Accessible Alternatives - Look for nice Folio Society issues from 1999 or 2004 that are available for less than $100. Originally released by Ariel Books in 1962, this classical tale was denied by a dozen publishing houses because they thought that no young readers would ever have understood the fusion of good and good against bad.

A Cost-Effective Alternate - Autographed versions of A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy's third volume, A Wrinkle Tilting Planet, are easily found for between $50 and $400. This is America's greatest fairy tale? This first issue was released in 1900 by Geo M. Hill, but the copyrights date back to 1899.

For the first time, this volume was published with 24 colour charts by V.V. Denslov. Inexpensive Alternatives - The University Press of Kansas (of course) published an illustrative issue in 1999 and these prints are as inexpensive as crisps. In 1906 a real Peter Pan volume was published, known as Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

Rackham provided illustration and it is the work of art that makes this work so attractive to enthusiasts of children's books. Cost-Effective Alternatives - Folio Society issue pricing starts at $60.

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