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Nebo Handwriting Recognition Software turns your graffiti into real text, ready to edit and export to Mail, Word or even Apple Notes. Is an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil worth the money for digital handwriting? Launch the message app and then go to any message thread or send a new message. These apps work well and are exactly what I needed. With WritePad you can take notes in your own handwriting with your finger or an iPad pen.

The Nebo handwriting app is like writing on a piece of cardboard, only better

The Nebo is an alternate to Apple's forthcoming iOS 11 Note App. As with the Apple App, you can use the Apple Pencil to create drawings and memos at Nebo. Also it recognises the words you are writing and lets you look for those words. But unlike the local Nebo application, Nebo also transforms your graffiti into real, text that can be edited and duplicated anywhere.

As a matter of fact, I used narcotics to do this whole piece. The handwriting isn't as quick as my type (my wrist still hurts), but the app is awesome. It is ridiculously simple to use. On the contrary: just like writing on a piece of cardboard, but better. While you are writing, while you are writing, Neso will convert your words to text and display them at the beginning of the section.

That gives you the certainty that it does a good work. Handwriting is weird. and Nebo has almost everything. Better still, you can make adjustments like with pens and papers by overwriting the term you want to use. We at Nebo recognize this and correct the words for you.

It' not perfection, although the degree of incompleteness will depend on how poor your handwriting is. You can also use Nebo to outline, include pictures and charts, and even calculate. The last thing is quite tidy - you type an expression, then Nebo transforms it into unusual mathematical icons. It' better yet, it will find out the answer for you what the newspaper will never do.

Or you can browse your memos (the keywords will be highlighted) and list them by beginning each new line with a hyphen. It is already an enhancement of the iOS 10 Lotus Notes application, which puts you in a seperate drawing state. In order to use Nebo, you need an Apple Pencil.

But if you have one and like handwriting, you'll like Nebo. It' not quite the same as the iOS 11 Notes app - in some ways it is even more efficient than Apple's app, which is currently only available in the betat version.

Now if you're looking for a handwriting recognizer application, Nebo might be just what you're looking for. All Nebo will charge you is $3.

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