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The best books to read on Halloween! Pages in category "Halloween Fiction". The best thriller of the year, selected by Jake Kerridge, the critic of The Telegraph. Others are clearly fictional. Big science fiction costume ideas included:

Ten scary novels to get you into the Halloween spirit.

This is Halloween back on us, and that means three things: first, we all get to disguise in suits and pretend to be something else for a little while; second, all the sweets we can have before we go into some kind of sugar-shock comb; and three, frightening sentiments. Halloween is the perfect season of the year for some of us to re-discover how horrible a good read can be, and some of us need something a little more gorious and mentally harmful - but whatever your sentiments are.

So, make a fire (or put this flowing chimney thing on Netflix), have a tasty drink, turn out the light and study one of these ten frightening lex. Straub's 1979 novel is a consummate blend of classical spirit tales and contemporary technology. There are five old mates who meet on a regular basis to tell their own spirits for their own pleasure.

When you are looking for a tradtional fright with a crisper contemporary border, this is your perfect Halloween reading. Based on a more or less simple story about a building a few centimetres taller inside, the novel draws the viewer through a gloomy corridor as the real world fades away.

They can' t have Halloween without at least a Poe tale or poetry. But on Halloween, it should be; it's professionally designed, dripping with fear, and will put you off no matter how many reads you've made.

Matheson' s most popular work is I Am Legend, but Hell house is more frightening. Utilizing a trusted premise-paranormal researchers search evidence of living after death by study the title building, known as the most frequented home in history-Matheson competently subverts your direction of safety and grasp on Reality as he subverts the rationality of his characters.

Barker's tale of a mystery chest and the enthusiastic devils she conjures up has long been eclipsed by the creepy movie adaption Hellraiser, but the initial storyline is Barker at his best. Its most frightening part is the complete inexorability of the cenobites, who are not deterred by the "experiments" once carried out by anyone who conjures them.

And of course it doesn't feel pain if you have Pinhead's movie image in your head while you're reading. Spielberg is what most of us are reminded of, and even then much of the total terror of history is overshadowed by sentiment. Reread Benchley's novel and you will find a recording of the sheer horrors of the 70s that revolve around one of the classical horrors of man: nature and its many, many ways to kill us.

Marasco's tale revolves around a classical nightmare trumpet, a much broader contemporary notion. In the course of the summers, the Rolfe naturally get to know the basic principle of terrible stories: Too good to be real is always a gateway to hell. Featuring some of his scariest works, this compilation of shorts can be disassembled into tales, which can be reread in brief eruptions and then turned on all the highlights and televisions in the building in between to get away from that horrible feeling of ghoul.

An intricate, sensationally contemporary classical of various topics and narratives - also unusual for a history that is partly about a Spookhouse. If a home explains that it can only be as good as the occupants, you know you have a bad drive ahead of you.

Miranda (who is suffering from the need to consume inedible things) and Eliot come into the home unhappily - and the tale will take you in and take your trousers off. Passel blends contemporary technique with a classical history of an underworld performer whose ritualist followers have produced several impermeable heroes.

While one author is investigating the deaths of a iconic filmmaker's own child, the film itself - legend and hard to see - is perhaps the most worrying part of this curvy relegation to insanity. It' a much better option than to watch terrible fiction flicks, none of which contain the fear of them.

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