Guiness Book of Records

Guinness Book of Records

Guinness Book of DJ Records. Newest tweets from GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR). Find out why there are so many records at the only Guinness World Records Museum in Europe. Most unbelievable world records from all over the world. The Guinness World Records is the world's recognized authority on record-breaking performance.

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Guinness Book of DJ Records - Listings

From the greatest Hamburg ever made to the noisiest cry in the whole wide globe, the length of time it will take to get its name into the Guinness Book of Records will range from the wildest to the craziest. Featuring the festivalularity, night life and DJ civilization of the last two centuries, many individual and collective members have made it their business to join the select group of performers, musical industries and frequent performers who have the "honor" of setting a global one.

Whilst super-star-DJs like Steve Aoki set the global records for things like "longest audience lust" and "most glow sticks at the same time", both young and old fashioned party-enthusiasts have come up with a lot of creativity to find their own place in this book of frenzied anomalies and awe-inspiring tricks.

Have a look at 10 of our favourite records in the field of electronica below. In 2015, at the tender of three, Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane (aka DJ Arch Jnr) took the web by leaps and bounds after showing his abilities behind the deck on South Africa's Got Talent show on domestic TV.

DJ Arch Jnr. set the Youngest DJ records at the tender ages of 5 when we were hired for a Cosmo City nightclub in Johannesburg in 2017. Hisuki Morita from Japan, six years old, previously set the fastest time. Sally Hille, 94, was the oldest DJ to be professionally trained and presented a week-long WMOA panel on July 31, 2014 in Marietta, Ohio, USA.

Sally Hille considers the oldest recorded DJ on the air, while 82-year-old Sumiko Iwamuro (aka DJ Sumirock) has brought her passion for dj to an energy niveau that is outrageous for someone her young. Having attended the Tokyo Conservatory in 2013 to study the art of dj, DJ Sumirock can now be found in the Red Light District night clubs in Tokyo for young and old.

The EDM Dada Life pair brought 3,813 guests to the 2013 event to break the records for the world's biggest cushion war. In the past, the group was known for integrating cushion fights into their hooligan-rays, and therefore chose to take the worlds best as part of the Ph.

Recently in 2018, a small Devonian city named Kingsbridge plans to use an old telephone booth by turning it into the world's smallest night club. On his travels to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain, the British-born Greg Parmley broke the records for most musical events within one months between June 24 and July 23, 2011.

As Paul Oakenfold climbs to Everest Basecamp to perform what he called "the highest basecamp on earth", the DJs' DJ kit on shore holds the Nepali DJ Chhewang Sherpa title - who on October 27, 2016 performed an eight songs on Thorong La Pass in front of a small, paid crowd at 5,416m.

Browse the Guinness Book of Records and the most frequent composer class is the creation of something that is the "greatest" or "greatest" in the atlas. There are many ways to make an item that can end up in this excentric book, from the greatest rubberband game in the whole wide globe to the greatest sandcastle in the whole fortress.

And in 2014, the legend Nile Rodger Bestival founding member Rob Da Bank asked the world's greatest discoball to be made for his chic appearance at the next edition of the film. There are 30 pictures here to show that discount globes dominate the game. The Villa Mix in Brazil in June 2017 produced the greatest rigging ever made for their yearly musical events.

After setting their own records in 2015 for the construction of a 30,000 sq. m. large platform, they created a 31,215 sq. m. large platform that stood out from the crowd with a height of 227ft. Last September the Stoney Roads magazine took it upon itself to produce the biggest b2b the rest of the planet has ever seen.

The release of the album came with the recruitment of 147 Sydney DJ' s, an eight-hour DJ mixed dancing sessions - in which each DJ had to perform a song and blend from the one before. For more than a century, the DJ' s have been fighting for the longest Dj kit of marathons.

After exploring the ten most legendary marathons at the end of last year, the pure perseverance and will power of many of these DJ' s - who gave their lives without peace and quiet to keep this album alive - is really proof of mankind's devotion to celebrating.

Below we have put together a longest ten of them. DJ Obi had to adhere to stringent Guinness World Records rules to win the title: he was given a five-minute pause every lesson, a 1 hr pause every 12 lessons, always had to let at least one dancer dance and could not replay a track within four lessons of the game.

It is unlikely that he would suggest breaking his own records as he then declared that he was thinking about giving up around the 4th or 5th days when he started to hallucinate.... but somehow he got through.

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