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Find out more about Greeting Card Writer Career. Find out more about these cool jobs and thousands of other great job opportunities. Hiring Greeting Card Companies Believe it or not, working for a greeting card company is a hot topic. I' ve tried writing twice for a greeting card company. If you prefer a full-time job to freelance greeting card writing, apply for a job.

Greeting Card Association

We' ve all been looking at the maps and thinking,'I could do it,' but it's difficult to publish a bit of Script. In general, there are three types of greeting card writing: If you can turn your hands to any particular type of music, there's usually one you'll outdo.

Best place is your retailer's map store. Look up who the publishing houses are on the target markets and make a notation. That' s important, you can see how non-professional it is to give a punch line to someone whose card is empty!

The majority of publishing houses put their name and address on the back of the card. It' a good plan to attend one of the greeting card exhibitions, where you will find a large number of publishing houses under one umbrella. It will help you find the best publishing houses for your pen.

A number of publishing houses like to debate your idea at their booths, others do not. Remember that excepting is an extremely costly affair and that publishing houses are selling their tickets - never stop a purchase! Simply make a notation of the publishing houses you would like to get in touch with so that you can get in touch with them later.

It is the premier greeting card publication and the Greeting Card Association's formal newsletter. Featuring the latest editorials and ads, you'll get instant access to publishing houses, new product releases, sector topics and the day's newsworthiness. Often ads are placed by publishing houses that are looking for free-lance work.

It appears 12 issues a year and is available on an a yearly basis (40 pounds a year) and also contains additional inserts such as an edition of "Words and Feelings" and a "Focus on funny cards". Since then, the editorary, two pages in each edition of the journal have been dedicated to the promotion of artists' talent.

So if you would like to introduce yourself, please email Emma Cain at with information about your own styles, topics and inspirations, together with samples of your lines and your contacts. The card assortments are produced in the stores many month before they appear.

The tickets are very seasonsal and the copy is not typed during the tradtional season we are enjoying, e.g. may need Christmas verse in July to publish! It is best to call the publishing house or send a short note asking them about their latest copy.

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