Green Reading App

Grüne Reading App

The BreakMeter is another great option to read the putting greens. With your acceleration sensor, the app shows you graphically where the slopes are. You can now read your grain in just ONE second! Most of the players I've met in my seven years as a coach generally have no routine before they putt and fight to read greens in general. When you don't have access to the beta stories in the YouTube app, you should look towards augmented reality.

the Golf Green Reader in the App Store

Shaving your results with BreakMeter! The BreakMeter is a tool for the golfer to facilitate the "reading of the pause" on a green (i.e. to see the course in which the inclination of the green makes the bal spin). Often the eyes are fooled by what looks like a pause in one or the other way around!

BreakMeter uses the iPhone's inclinometer to determine the inclination of the game in two different angles and sizes and provides the user with an easy-to-read graphical display of the inclination. With BreakMeter you can exercise yourself during your workout to properly detect subtile pauses on the green, which means you will make more puts!

See the BreakMeter homepage for directions on how to use: It' just a gulf theme bubble-stick. Except either your cell is 10 feet long, or your putting is less than 5 inch then this may not give you a dependable reading. Obviously, if you know the climax of the pause, you can use the app, but if you knew you didn't need it!

Receive a useful application of the game of gulf like a gulf-flyer.

stracka line app: All breaks get

There is now an app that can read greenery. He and his sophomore Chase are measuring rates by positioning a lasers in the center of a green and turning it 360° to pick up its waves. It is then transferred to a computer and transformed into pictures with the inclinations of the green. Pictures are saved in a repository that can be accessed by players when they receive the app and subscribe to it.

Golfer may not use the app during tournaments or laps post for handicapping purpose (rule 14-3). Still gamblers have registered at a steady pace, Jim says, and he is expecting shop to once again droning greens to be added to the data base. The StrackaLine has analysed the 400 course Greens and is planning to chart another 600 course by the end of 2015, which includes all course in the Myrtle Beach area.

DrackaLine calculates $3,500 quotes to map their green and provides among other things tools to help them monitor the app and better administer their green (where to pour, how often to pour and where to place the pins). When you enter the daily pink and green positions of your golf balls, the app will show you the proper distance to the pocket (green pace is taken into account).

While this is primarily a placing app, you can magnify and look at the whole green to determine where you want to place an approximate shot. Here you can see the green. A survey of the puttingsurface shows every waviness on every green, as it occurs in most yard gels.

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