Greatest Fiction Writers

Biggest fiction writers

Select the best writers and authors of all time. I' ve read many books by many different authors, but nothing has struck me as much as the work of the great Stephen King. The'lane change' function is the greatest miracle since the wheel. Be honest and say it as best you can. Besides the answers that have been mentioned, some of the other best mystery writers in the world are in my opinion:

The best authors of all times

That feather is really more powerful than the saber, and if you're a bibliophile, you know that's it. Several of the most powerful men in the story were writers who wrote the most important literary and policy works of all times. The writers have marked mankind's development by recording some of the most important historic occurrences and profoundly reflect the civilization of a shifting age.

What are the best writers of all times? Match the writers you think are the best and see how they move! Composers on this prestigious catalogue are the best in human evolution, they write works such as novels, theatres, poems and essay works that have proved their worth over the years.

Whatever kind of letter you like to write, you can't go astray with a work by one of the best authors of all times. Included in this listing are the best authors of all times, among them William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Geoffrey Chaucer, Homer, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Herman Melleville, William Faulkner and Edgar Allan Poe.

Select the best writers of all times below or choose the author you think is the best who isn't already on the mailing lists. added pauleichhorn: Charles Dickens.

The Top Authors of America | List of the best authors and novelists from the USA

What are the greatest writers of all times? The great U.S.A. has in only two brief century spawned an unbelievable number of writers who have shaped literary and artistic life around the globe. Included in this listing are great US writers, poetry, the best dramatists and writers in all fiction and non-fiction styles as well.

Who were the writers you were reading in America at college and do you actually like them? Whilst most children in this land receive works by top authors like Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway, many only start reading in their teens when they find less conventional authors like J.D. Salinger or Kurt Vonnegut for the first time.

Some are wiped out by writers as different as Stephen King, Harper Lee or good old Dr. Seuss. What are the greatest writers in America? It contains writers in all media, both alive and dead. Perhaps writers like Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost are your favourites. And if your taste is more for the images, you can count Mel Brooks, Quentin Tarantino or even Wes Anderson among the best US filmwriters.

Some of the most popular and widely acclaimed serials in the story have been written by other writers on this mailing lists, among them Louisa May Alcott and George R. R. Martin. America's greatest writers are among the best in their field and produce some of the best fiction, essay, film, shorts, theatre and poetry of all times.

Many of them have proven their worth and are deeply rooted in the literature canons, but it still has to be seen whether we will be able to refer to modern US writers of the twenty-first century over the next few years. Choose your very best, and please include any illustrious US writers that are not there.

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