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The Candide novel is the work that has lasted best and still thrives in the modern world. - One of the most important considerations for any author: Does your story need a sequel? It' s the type of writer I am - I' m more of an imaginative writer than autobiographical. Yesterday I had an idea for a novel and wrote it in a notebook. You have a dream boss for a young writer, right?

2018 World Book Day: 8 well-underestimated writers' books that merit a larger public.

The World Book Conference seems an excellent occasion to re-evaluate the great writers in the canon of literature and to highlight some of their lesser-known works. Although a bright writer like Laurie Lee was productive in his time, the hit of 1959's 1959 hit With Rosie's Todeskuss for selling much of his work.

An historic novel published in 1841, but concerned with the Gordon riots of 1780, Dickens uses the "No-Popery" insurrection that Lord George Gordon's rebellious elocution against the British Catholic "infiltration" of the eighteenthcent as a means of challenging the mind-set of the mobs and the kidnapping of policy causes for gross victors.

Less well known today may be Typee, his first novel "A Romances of the South Seas", based on his experience as a young Pacific seaman. The Three Men in a Boat (1889) is still a popular UK classical, the story of the writer and his buddies Wingrave and Harris - and their puppy Montmorency - getting grazed, kicking in shouldard and plunging into the Thames on an allegedly relaxed trip from Kingston to Oxford.

The " PTMSMITH " (the " PTM " is quiet, but insists) is one such, an airy brake that created confusion in four highly satisfactory short stories between 1909 and 1924. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's The Leopard (1958), undoubtedly one of Europe's greatest novel. One of the best psychothriller practicians ever to settle behind a typing machine, Highsmith's Tom Ripley stories have been widely acclaimed and well-received.

Recently, thanks to the work of Carol, Todd Haynes' brillant movie adaptation of her pseudonym-written gay love story The Price of Salt (1952), she attracted new support. But her last novel also merits a different look. Only a few people these very few years are reading Amis' work for an intensely engaged writer, except Lucky Jim (1954).

One of his last books - he won the Booker - The Old Devils is full of delicious, quarrelsome humor, unlike anything else out there. What unquestionable, unquestioned, neglected works do you like? You can also find out more about World Book Day by viewing our profiles of Welsh author and mysterious Arthur Machen, another untold pro.

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