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Some of the best science fiction writers are often referred to as some of the most creative minds in the world. These are a list of atheistic authors. A British author, known for comic novels, but also a non-fiction writer and journalist. Please note the genre of the respective author: The bestseller list contains all kinds of fiction. He is the author, reviewer and judge of the Man Booker Prize.

The 9 best fiction titles of 2017

Last year was marked by a sound outburst of talented writers, both mature and aspiring. orge Saunders is an Amerindian author known for his shorts, and the assumption of his Man Booker-winning novel is strange: He can easily tack several different topics and histories together without compromising the story's robust narration.

Writing a novel in the Holocaust is always a dangerous endeavor, but Konar (a Polish Jew herself) cleverly distills the crude horrors of Auschwitz with the story of the first character to switch between Pearl and Stasha, giving the readers an insight into the humaneness that existed in an establishment like Auschwitz - an establishment that was expressly set up with the aim of destroying the humanitarianity of its people.

The Impostor, like Stefan Hertmans'omenal, semi-fictional research on his grandpa (a novel we have previously published ), focuses on the volatile relation between fiction and non-fiction. The novel by Booker Prize nominee Jon McGregor takes place in the midst of tranquil rolling countryside, tranquil creeks, farmhouses and small cloisters.

McGregor┬╣s novel is similar to that of DH Lawrence with his gradual, contemplative narration, which investigates how deep disharmonies can lie in wait unnoticed in calm, externally calm cities. In her latest novel, H (a)ppy, she puts into a utopian and dystopian vision of the distant past in which all human suffering (illness, conflict, suffering and everything else) is eliminated. It is a monotonous and lifeless universe - something that would make H (a)ppy an unbearably boring reading if it weren't for the delicious and erratic fiction that would have won this year' s prize for goldsmithing.

As Barker has described in her paper "Fluidity", the most important characteristic of this novel is undoubtedly the one that plunges as suddenly into poetics as a chart produces it. As McGregor, Alan Hollinghurst has composed a novel that spanned entire generation, beginning in Oxford in the 1940s, where seminarians adapted to the wars ranging from watchkeeping and flesh rationing to London today.

Antigone, like much of the great antique literary works, is a piece suitable for an endless re-interpretation. The most recent author of Kamila Shamsie's Home Fire, Antigone, is a British-Pakistani writer who rhymes with Antigone in what is now Britain, where the protagonist's latest escape from Britain includes the recent escape of his sibling' sibling to join Isis. He was nominated for this year's Man Booker Prize, and given his relevance, his sleek style of writing and his concise studies of obligation and familiy, it's hard to understand why.

Enrigue is a Mexico native novelist and has written four acclaimed (though mostly untranslated) books.

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