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These the best fantasy books? Some great movies and dramas you haven't seen yet. All the titles fit into the wide range of the fantasy genre. One of the most readable fantasy books, the Percy Jackson series is suitable for children, young adults and adults. The sci-fi and fantasy book covers are often immediately recognizable - if you only think about them, you probably conjure up familiar fonts and images.

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Fantasy Book Review Top 100 Fantasy Books. We will start with the top 10 fantasy books (in our opinion). These the best fantasy books? Some fantasy books? Have you ever read good fantasy books? Sauron's might extended far and far from its authenticity in the Dark Tower of Mordor. Lord of the Rings talks about the great search of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring:

There is no rescue for a fantasy enthusiast who hasn't been reading the game. There is such a wide range of influences from the Lord of the Rings that everyone, from George Lucas to Led Zeppelin, has adopted him for one reason or another. It is not only a revolution, because it was pioneering, the Lord of the Rings is ageless, because it is the result of a truly first-class spirit.

A respected language and Oxford learner of terminology, Tolkien had powerful notions about the meaning of myths and history and a profound respect for the outdoors. In The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien describes this passage with great ability and affection, and creates a universally and all-encompassing narrative, a rightly acclaimed one.

It seems, however, that the Imperium is not alone in this great world. He is the champion of all eras, whether they have been long gone or not, a weber of old epic stories based on the imagination to create stories and stories as wealthy as any other in our world. And what became of the magical effects they had on man?

Darksy, charismatic Kennit, up-and-coming Pirates-kings, also lustes for such a ship: He knows the might of the sorcerer's wood and has his own projects..... Earthsea, Ursula Le Guin's creations - an age old magician's universe, of sorcery, of magic, obscurity and illumination, and a constantly changing equilibrium of forces - is a recognized champion.

As you may have known me'"Thus begins the story of Kvothe - currently known as Kote, the humble inn-keeper - from his early years with a troop of travelling gamblers, through his years as an almost wild fatherless child in a criminal town, to his bold but victorious attempt to join a challenging and perilous discipline of enchant.

Sanderson's fantasy thriller tips readers' hopes over and then tells the storyline of bad that has been upset in a lavishly conceived underworld. An uprising that is dependent on a felon who no one can believe, and a young woman who must control allomancy - the magical power that is in all metal.

Oral propaganda in the states that put the Mistborn trio on the New York Times bestseller this year. "They have everything - witchcraft and sci-fi, humor and terror, truth and lie, and a few more laughs. These trilogies are an indispensable read for all fantasy enthusiasts.

While recently named the most beloved of the twentieth century, The Hobbit is still one for the Lord of the Rings, for this novel is the dramatic continuation of this smaller, easier but no less pleasing story. It is a nation so accursed by the evil spells of the bullying King Brandin that even the name of his once glorious country can no longer be said or recalled.

This is a very inconspicuous work, the only thing that made it big was because it had a beautiful storyline. but then you put the name of the breeze before the hobbit. A good pricelist..... One big heck of a lists. While I haven't been reading the last books of the series, Robert Jordan can be a little sluggish for a large part of the population.

In any case Gemmell should be on this listing! Thrones in 18th place, First Trilogy of the Law in 64th place. WORLDEST LISTE OF ALL TIME. Leanee, Rowling is number 11 on this playlist. NONE J.K.ROWLING! How can you have a shortlist of the best fantasy books and not have Harry Potter with you?

It' a great schedule, but no David Gemmell? Myth, King Beyond The Gate, Waylander, the playlist goes on. What about R.A. Salvatore and that beautiful dark elf? For me her best work by far - and indeed one of the best fantasy books of the many I have been reading - was Assassin's Apprentice.

I am very interested in THE LORD OF THE RING it very specifically. Some of the best fantasy books I have ever seen are..... Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), The Name of the Wind and the Anxiety of the Wise (Rothfuss), The Dark Tower (King), The Farseer, Liveship and Tawny Man Trilogy (Hobb) and A Story of the Malazan Book of the Fallen (Erikson).

Honorable Mention should go to The Belgariad (Eddings), The Magicians Trilogy (Grossman), Narnia Chronicles {Lewis}. RTM I' d hoped to see the wheel of time in the first 10, as it's the best I've ever been to. Tad Williams' memories, sorrow and thorns should definitely be among the top 10 on the shortlist.....

This Fionavar trilogy was my first fantasy book - Guy Gavriel Kay seemed to put all his passion into it and should have quit when it was done. R. A. Salvatore's books are missing! He' s my favorite fantasy writer, more than anyone else in the top 10, I just think he deserved a little more.

It' a really good fantasy work. Farseer thrilogy deserved to be above the Live Traders triology and where is Raymond Faist/? The evaluation of books is inherently very objective. That' s why we would like to know what you, the readers, think about the books in our Top 100.

What securities do you think should be on this listing, but are not? The BBC Big Read began searching for the UK's most popular novel in April 2003. Mayor of the Rings led the survey and a number of other genres show how popular fantasy and sci-fi are in the UK.

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