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The best authors of children's books. You can click on "April's Store" to go to the store that lists the great books I recommend. Most children's book authors need years to get their first book. Printed books are a good source. It is available from libraries in database and book form.

The best literature of the year for kids - all selected by authors

If you are looking for a Christmas gift or an inspiration for next year's book lists, here are the best 2017 titles that many of the best-known and most popular authors and illustrations vouch for. The number of marvellous titles released in 2017: how to pick your favorites from this wealth?

Now, we asked authors and illuminators the impossibility question: What was your best book of the year? Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo is one of the book that really impressed me in 2017. That' a nice book about losses. The Maudlin Towers by Chris Priestley is a book to my liking.

It' s wonderfully stepped, brillantly illuminated with the author's feather drawing and very, very comical. Mine is Philip Pullman's Daemon Voices of the Year - this compilation of essay on story telling is full of understanding and knowledge about the whole narrative making pathway and once again shows us why Mr Pullman is our best live playwright (without exception!).

Fantastic works of art in style and great children's attraction. This year' s favorite book is one I'm sure will be on many list. While I think this book will be a paper clip on many nightstand cabinets for years to come, I would stress that in order to achieve its full effect, the parent must study it in an English readable style.

Gary Paulsen's Hatchet is a classical piece that was re-released this year in a brand-new issue to mark its 30-year centenary. Anything that awakens nature's passion in someone, it's this book! It' a terrible true story of Sally Lloyd-Jones and David Roberts. This book about how to find something to do - which is not a smart phone match - on a wet night, her designs are incredibly cute.

It' a nice, poetical book - I can't stop looking at it. Where The World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean was my favorite book from 2017. She is a thoroughly excellent author, that is her best book so far. On the Isle of Harris I was reading it in the midst of the mid-summer hurricanes in Scotland, but I know it would have the capacity to take me there if I opened its sides.

but in McCaughrean the story turns into something hopeful: shiny and pretty as seaglass. Jon Klassen's storybooks are getting better and better! We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen is the best so far and definitely my favorite book of 2017 (it has even earned a place in my top ten photo albums of all times!

This year' s book is one I haven' t yet seen, but I've been looking forward to it for a few years. It' actually here now, I kept it for Christmas like a favorite piece of choco in a choice pack - Philip Pullman's The Book of Dust. One book I liked this year was Lauren St John's The Snow Angel, pictorialized by Catherine Hyde.

It is the tale of a female Kenyan, Makena, who is losing her wife and daughter to Ebola and has to construct a new home in the upland. It' a book full of hopes and hearts, you can almost breathe it. This year' s photo book was outstanding, and I particularly liked Tom Percival's Perfectly Norman, an impressive but soft tale about a young man who has to sprout multi-coloured pianos but keep them secret from everyone, even from his mothers.

It is one of the most wonderful children's book I have ever seen and would be a great present for Christmas or any season! This year' s book is The Most Words by Jackie Morris and Robert MacFarlane is a book of enchant. The book opens a doors that can reunite a generations of kids and adults with the profound joy of our world.

This year' s book is Angie Thomas' The Hate U Give. Gill Lewis's A story like the winding is my book of the year. It is a tale of great splendour and humaneness about the tests of refugees..... It is a history of hopes and liberty. Scripture is full of hearts and sounds, and the moonscapes catch the secret and wonders of the world.

Lauren Child's dog with beautiful eyes is extremely enchanting and absolutely funny. This is a beautiful, hot and very classy book (with awesome intentions). It' undoubtedly my favorite and number one book on beautiful hearing. If your kid turns seven years old and takes home long multiplying assignments, you have the feeling that the day of bookkeeping may be over.

Featuring light colored images and worming on the toilet, this is more than a countbook and is sure to make you laugh. King of the Sky by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin is one of my favorite 2017 book. The work of Laura Carlin is always breathtaking and the hot and promising history of my work vibrates in the moment.

I am sure that I will not be the only one to opt for The Murderer's Ape by Jakob Wegelius, translates from Swedish by Peter Graves and edited by Pushkin Children's Boooks. It' a gripping and extraordinary storyline narrated from the point of views of Sally Jones - a marine naval architect and marine scientist - who must try to help her boyfriend and associate The Chief if he is wrongly apprehended for the crime of the kill.

It is a wonderful book with a tongue that will envelop your mind. In this book, the rugged woods and the meteorological conditions are as many figures wrapped around Russia's fairy tales as the population. It' a book to reread, slow, next to a fire while you are feeding the ghosts of your family.

This year I think my favorite book is I Want to be in a Scary Story by Sean Taylor and Jean Jullien. And Hilarious to reading big, audacious artwork. One of my favorite photo albums in recent years, Hoot Owl, by the same writer and artist, is just as good.

Also, I adore the history of this book, which is very amusing, but also has a certain heat that makes me feel a little bit messy about being a child's parents. This year' s best book is the hardcover issue of The curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie, along with any other book that Karl James Mountford illustrates.

It is a beautiful, fanciful book about a little maiden who dreams of having a domestic animal, a domesticator. Pam Smy's book is a fascinating and exciting miracle. City is By the Sea by Joanne Schwartz and Sydney Smith is my book of the year. I was really wiped off my legs and I actually carried it around in my rucksack so I can enjoy Smith's pictures that hold on to Schwartz's heart-in-neck-stories.

"Boxing does not become Christmas without gifts." It is a history loaded with humanness and hearts on every side - and if that's not the ghost of Christmas, I don't know what it is! Favorites in the book are the hilarious and grouchy host of Nicholas Allen's Christmas party (I can refer entirely to last minutes anger at the season' s shenanigans) and Jan Pienkovski's mesmerizing King James version of The First Christmas.

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