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"A bestseller" refers to the estimated number of copies sold of all fiction books written or co-authored by an author the best authors of all time. With one word, he wanted us to develop his ideas for writing a book. When a great writer sits down and thinks about the art and craft of writing, what happens? The authors of these books came to New York for freedom. Fran Lebowitz recommends the authors who best capture their unchangeable city.

In a new books application, the idea that "reading well" necessarily means going back to the same old classic books, from Trollope to Tolstoy, is questioned.

In a new books application, the idea that "reading well" inevitably means going back to the same old classic books, from Trollope to Tolstoy, is questioned. Every wk Alexi, a "digital books club", addresses authors and asks them to filter out the jewels they have found and then offer them to members to use on their cell phones or trays.

Surprisingly, 100 Must-Read, the best book on the author's writing and career.

As a working or up-and-coming author, you probably already know the best classical literature on the subject of authoring - King's On and Strunk and White's Elements of Style - but for a handicraft as diverse and individual as the one of typing, you will always profit from more votes and more technique. Therefore, this book is full of authors who not only talk about the mere handicraft of typing (and there is much great advice), but also about how they have transformed their life as authors and what part they believe authors are playing in an ever-changing age.

Browse 100 of the best literature on the subject, from crafts to literary life, to improve your own work. "Lamott's mixture of leadership and reflexion should address authors who have to fight with big and small daemons. One of the gems she has to offer is to begin small, as her dad once told her ten-year-old brothers, who struggled over a review of birds: "Just take it poultry for poultry".

Lamott's proposal on the art of the fictional is down-to-earth: concern for the character, not the story. "Ann Patchett, writer of State of Wonder, Run and Bel Canto, explores her most profound obligations - to write, to be with relatives, to be with others, to make happy marriages - and to create a reverberant portrayal of a lifetime in This is the Story of a Happyriage.

Typing is a big mess subject, so I've obviously been missing some of your favourite and best scores on typing. Be sure to take the commentaries to speak about your favourite lifestyles and craftsmen. You can find more of our articles on the world of typing here. Subscribe to the librarian's one-stop store for updates, listings and more with the Checking Your Shelf emailing.

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