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Big Autobiographies

America's greatest rock critic: The autobiographies are first-hand experiences, so they are very informative and exciting to read. autobiographies of Indians. We have something about a great sports history that goes beyond the audience. Banarsidas wrote the first autobiography in Hindi.

Best autobiographies you should be reading

Include these exciting autobiographies in your reading requirements lists. The 1845 biography of former slaves Frederick Douglass is regarded as one of the best autobiographies ever made. It' a graphical recounting of Douglass' infancy and the agonizing mistreatment he endured through the palms of countless slaves, as well as his traumaful flight to liberty, after which he became a highly regarded speaker and celebrity abolisher.

Benjamin Franklin's autobiography is regarded by some as one of the best autobiographies ever released and describes the early lives and uniqueness of the founder's father. Though it was penned more than 200 years ago, Franklin's proposals to improve his own lives are as topical and important to humanity as ever. Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid campaigner, was imprisoned in 1962 for plotting to go on strikes and to topple the regime and was condemned to lifelong imprisonment.

Mandela' s extraordinary biography tells of his extraordinary career, from his early years in Mvezo, South Africa, to his legal schooling. He also records his imprisonment and his unparalleled rise to the chairmanship and consolidates Mandela's place as one of the most important rulers of our age.

If at any point in your career you have fought in fear or felt like an outsider, you'll want to include these funny, insurgent memoirs from Jenny Lawson on your readinglist. Yet he was a talented novelist, and he had the desire to move to the North one day and become a publishing work.

Describing his early years as a young Chicagoer. Released in 1945, it immediately became a bestseller and is often appreciated for promoting the debate on racial relationships in the United States. And if you like to read the best autobiographies ever made, you will also love these life-changing works.

Twain was of course known for great (and often censored) US fiction such as the adventures of Tom Sawyer and the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This was his last work, but was not released until 2010-100 years after his deaths.

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