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Discover these pages to find the best-selling authors in your favorite genres. What classics have the greatest influence on today's writers? We' ve asked our authors to select their favourites for the tenth anniversary of Vintage Classics. Would you like to join the backlist of a certain great American author? These are some great books for mothers and daughters to read together.

There are 10 lesser-known works by famous authors to read

We can all talk loudly about the kind of literature we like. We exchange referrals, read comments and keep adding new ones. As a matter of fact, the chances are your favourite writer has one read under the wheel (or two or three) lurk in her stat. Perhaps by an writer whose most famous work attracts all the publicity.

Or, it could be your favourite writer from that period working on a style outside their normal steering house. Be that as it may, there are probably a number of books and serials by well-known authors just awaiting their opportunity in the limelight. Whilst George R.R. Martin is best known for the violent and dramatic imagination in the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise, Martin is known for stretching his literature muscles with excellent results from occasion to occasion.

Part of Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, the award-winning first volume in this series, All the pretty horses, tends to draw all the air out of the room. McCarthy's coming-of-age story is a much more dark and bleak routine - more like a bloody meridian.

If you have one of the most popular and popular shows in the business, it can be hard to change genre and find a balanced view. A lavishly braided story of detectives that focuses on a grumpy and happy hawk. Among his works, however, are a number of outstanding books initially in Russian, his mother tongue.

It' s a strange, quaint and strange story about a young man who was beheaded. One of the most famous authors of her generation, Margaret Atwood is hailed for her cleverly realised and often calmly violent fictional speculation. Their first novel, The Edible Lady, is a vigorous exploration of the lives of a young lady who loses the whole of her surroundings.

It is as concise and haunting as any of her more famous books. A drawback of one of the groundbreaking novel of the twentieth centuries is that there is a reasonable possibility that your other works are a little hidden. Whilst Brave New World certainly deserves all his applause, Aldous Huxley has written a series of excellent readings throughout his entire work.

While The Unconsoled is probably Ishiguro's most disputed novel, his extensive, complicated tale of a famous piano player involved in a crazy string of mishaps is a challenge. Hangsaman is a maze -like and daunting reading from Jackson's own experiences with a strange vanishing. However, there is an occasional midway - Wallace's first novel, The Broom of the System.

The story of a young intermediary in the middle of various crisis situations shows the same exceptional vocabulary, none of the notes and annexes and the same sharp overlap of the absurd and the real.

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