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The secret lives of great writers. Top 100 Authors - Find the Best Authors in Story, Part 2 - This blog is intentionally empty. Editor's note: This is not a listing of my opinions, so don't take the trouble to tell me why you are not. It is a collection of the opinions of reviewers, supporters and professionals from at least 10 different polls among "greatest writers". Click here for Part 1, in which I explain the method for choosing the authors below.

I thought it might be interesting to divide a few other top author listings from my poll before I listed the top 100 authors. This is also affected by the presence of novel. If Shakespeare's play had been criticized as a novel, he would have been the first among the reviewers.

It'?s a completely different checklist, isn't it? First of all, Shakespeare's readership likes him more than criticism, which took me by surprise. The figures show that there were relatively few female top 100. No wonder, given the historic (missing) possibilities for females. Advice for critics: She and Charlotte were two different girls with different typing histories.

Here is the short listed Top 100 Writers of All Time.

Big five authors reading this winters

Speaking at the 21st Winter Words Review from January to April 2018, Aspen Words will welcome some of America's top writers, among them Pulitzer Prize laureates, New York Times bestsellers and the U.S. Poet Prize winner. Unless you can get Winter Words to listen to her talk, you can still relish her writings.

Credibility in literature: Finnegan, an employee of The New Yorker, has covered political, racial, war, organised criminal and other issues from around the globe. He is the writer of five works, one of which is a Pulitzer Prize-winning memory book, The Barbarian Days: Credibility in Literature: Kline is the creator of seven fiction titles, among them Orphan Train, a New York Times Number 1 bestseller that has been released in 40 states.

The Montclair Local said, "Kline was raised in Maine, like Christina Olson, with families who in the'60s and'70s were "a kind of counter-culture. "Kline said to the newspaper, "We were living, as she did, in this way and primitively, which was actually quite worth living. Credibility in literature: McDermott is the writer of eight books, among them Charming Billy, National Book Award winning, and then At Weddings and Wakes, and That Night, all Pulitzer Prize finals.

Credibility in literature: Smith began her career as the US's twenty-second poet prizewinner in the autumn of 2017 and is the writer of three volumes of verse, among them Nature on Mars, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2012. Credibility in Literature: Urrea was a Pulitzer Prize finisher for his non-fiction book The Devil's Highway and is the best-selling writer of The Hummingbird's Daughter, Into the Beautiful North, and Queen of America as well as The Water Museum, a PEN/Faulkner Award finisher.

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