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The greatest American writers of all time. Learn more about the best writers in US history here. The best American writer of all time for his beautiful prose and experimental writing.

20 of the greatest writers in literature in America

The United States has a great and proud history of writing. Books, dramas and poetry come from the United States, with more and more female, American, Indian and Spanish authors making a significant contributions. From Sinclair Lewis in 1930 to Bob Dylan in 2016.

Americans' contributions to English literary life are unpredictable. In the Puritan settlements where American literary was written, authors such as Thomas Hooker and Roger Williams created works to spread their vision of the State. Maybe the first one to be released in America was the Bay Psalm 1640, edited by thirty government officials under the direction of Richard Mather and John Cotton.

This was followed by impassioned stories such as Edward Johnson's Wonder-Working Providence (1654) and Cotton and Mathers' Epos Magnalia Christi Americana (1702). It was a period of intellectually active action along with a period of socioeconomic transformation that saw the dawn of the United States Revolution and its associated sovereignty. Among the founders of the new state were the authors Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Philip Freneau, the first ranked US lyricist, Thomas Paine, later an aggressor of traditionalism, and the polemic Francis Hopkinson, who was also the first US musician.

During the 19th and 20th centuries the spread and acceptance of US literary works in Europe came with the popular tales of Washington Irving, the border adventure of Fenimore Cooper and the moralizing verses of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And then came the greats, who took the old earth by surprise and still belong to the greatest of West literature:

Two great US authors, Henry James and Mark Twain, broke this romance by opening the door to a new kind of reality and changing US writing by building it up for the wealthy writing that followed and has not faded. Twenty years have seen the heyday of US literary work.

In the face of the twentieth centuries' violent events, literary expressions expressed a feeling of desperation, and the special circumstances of US societies with all their variety found their way into it. It was in the fifties that great playwrights, especially Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Sam Shepard, began to develop US theater.

Authors such as Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin studied race disparity and gender abuse in present-day U.S. societies, while Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison studied the histories of black female Americans in the twentieth centuries. Author Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, and Joseph Heller investigated the Israeli experiences in US societies in the sixties.

In 2016 Bob Dylan was honoured with the Nobel Prize for Literary Art. It does, however, point to a new evolution in the advancement of US literary writing when the work of a song writer is considered literary. In the last hundred years there have been several great US writers and one can find many of the issues of contemporary America in the country's song book, but this is the first occasion that US music has been seen as "literature".

" For seven years Dylan has been engaged with the changes America has undergone, spanning everything from warming and racial issues to climatic changes and many other things, providing a rich narrative of the ages in which we are living. Several of the texts of his Lieder are considered one of the best poems of the time.

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