Graphic novel Literary Agents

Literary Graphic Novel Agents

Writer Literary Agents Website. tel:. The eight agents are looking for authors of graphic novels.

Literature agents representing graphic novels

Below is a shortlist of Frahlingen representing graphic fiction and comic books. Each of the agencies on this mailing lists has an interest in graphic books either on their website or in their blogs, or made a GN sale - no used information unless it was well documented. tvx Repräsentant Holly Black, Cecil Castelluci, Sara Ryan, Shannon Hale, Misako Rocks, andere. http://www.chengcaplanco. com/ Representing Brian Wood. com/members/goldinlit/agentur repräsentiert Rutu Modan. com/submission-guidelines Repräsentiert Eric Orchard.

Frahlingur: http://www.janklowandnesbit. com/ represents Craig Thompson, David Heatley, others. http://laghiagency. Com represents Parsua Bashi. http://hansenliterary. com/ Represents Gene Yang, Kazu Kibuishi, Scott McCloud, Robert Crumb, Hope Larson, Josh Neufeld, others. Does not approve unrequested requests. http://www.kitchenandlind. com/ ** Does not approve unrequested requests. https://lorafountainagency. com/ ** Licenses translating only.

Don't answer unasked questions. http://www.rabinerlit. com/ Representative Alison Bechdel, Lucy Knisley, Harvey Pekar, Ellen Forney, Christy C. Road. http://www.uklitag. com/ Represent The Good Neighbors, und Anpassungen von Benjamin Button, Tom Sawyer und anderen. com/members/vbijur/vbijur/ Repräsentiert Larry Gonick. http://www.victoriasanders. comm/ Represents Farel Dalrymple, David Axe, Matt Bors, Faith Erin Hicks, Sonny Liew, Joelle Jones, others. http://wma. com/ Represents Ariel Schrag. html Represents Marisa Acocella Marchetto. http://world-manga. com/ Represents non-Japanese artist only for Japanese/ Manga-publishing.

Represented Ken Niimura, Felipe Smith, Philippe Cardona. Judges, Richter des jährlichen Kodansha International Comics Competition. com/ Representative Neil Gaiman, Yillian Tamaki. Each Listing Agents has their own submissions policies, so be sure to review their pages and go one stage further; if they have a blogs, look at them, go through their "query" tag, see what they respond to, what they reject and how they want graphic novel requests to be formated.

It' a brief listing in comparison to all the literary agents out there, and you don't want one of the few graphic novelists to erase your request before they've even made it.

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