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Novel Graphics Agents

Below is a list of Frahlingen representing graphic novels and comics. "Most of our graphic novels are licensed by foreign publishers or acquired through agents. A literary agent in search of graphic novels NOW

It is sometimes hard to find out which agents are open for submission at any given point in the game. In this sense, starting in 2016, I will create some new verticals of agents searching for requests. I' m gonna need this one for graphic books. From July 2016, all the agents below have been confirming to me in person that they are NOW looking for graphic novel templates.

Submit a request to queries[at] ldlainc[dot] com. Insert the publisher's entry histories and any earlier publication credentials in the request. If you are a novice writer, don't worry.) After your request you should insert the first 5-10 pages of your novel into the text of the email. Veronica Park by sending an email to query[@] with "Attn: Veronica Park - Query - [BOOK TITLE]" in the reference line.

They prefer to insert your request for information, your summary and 15-20 page samples into the text of the e-mail. To earn points, add a link to your profile and a brief profile of your professional development in your email sign. -Interested in all kinds of graphic fiction and book - adults, young adults, intermediate class, graphic memoirs and graphic articles.

For inquiries please send an e-mail to querygordon[@] Insert the first section below your request. Searches graphic books for all ages, but the story would have to have the storytelling profoundness to be featured on a major newsgroup. Inquiry via the agency's on-line enquiry request system. Includes all the genres of graphic novel.

Please submit a request for information with a detailled explanation of the work, together with a work of art as an example. Please do not attach any documents for safety reasons, unless this is expressly desired.

Copy the first five to ten pages into the text of the e-mail under your inquiry note. Please submit a request for information, 3 example sections and a short summary via the on-line application blank. Submit requests to sam[@] itself, is one of the top nationwide instructional writers on the production of top of the line cinematics.

Its new leader, The Fire in Fiction, shows how to compose novel that causes media/editors to keep Read.

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