Gps Log Book App

Logbook App

The mileage recording solution enables you to keep a digital logbook. Designed from the ground up, our GPS tracking applications are specifically designed for field service or commercial drivers. The TripTracker is a native Android app. Even when offline, use your iPhone or iPad's GPS to automatically create logs so you can focus on sailing. Finding and comparing logbook software.

Time and Attendance GPS - Logbook

Peculiarity of the GPS timing protocol: The position (city, road, number) is added via GPS on-line poll. Departures, pauses and favourite places are recognized and registered automaticly, even off-line. The system logs all journeys made. You can add the purpose of the journey either as a memo or as an automatic favourite.

Departure, arrivals and favorite destinations are detected and logged every minutes by verifying the last one. Reduced power usage because the GPS only turns on every second, logs your position and turns off again. Mileage will be added on your check-in. This app can be used for walking, travelling and recording times.

You can always have your phone with you and all start and stop events will be logged in the background; it cannot be used as a test but a log! A driver's log is recognised by the revenue office: To do this, you must enter the purpose of the journey as a memo.

We are not liable for any damage, whether directly or indirectly, resulting from the use of GPS Timetracker.

Include MyLog GPS logbook

The MyLog works off-line and in the backround with a GPS-enabled smartphone or traytable. The software generates expertly designed report, makes the tour analysis process much more efficient, and provides an intuitively and easy-to-use graphical user experience. The MyLog system can support AUTO STARTS via Bluetooth or NFC. Begin Capturing - Pauses or stops capturing either by hand or auto.

We will evaluate your journey when it is over and you are on-line. In the case of expenses: Take a photo of the invoice and allocate it to a journey. ? Travel logging with GPS (offline). ? Automated charting (if online). Bluetooth, NFC and iBeacon AUTO START and STOP assistance (one NFC day or iBeacon per vehicle is required).

Edit the logbook quickly and fully edit the journeys that have been logged (Pro and MultiCar versions). ? Creation of monthlies as PDF (basic version) or XLS (Pro and MultiCar versions) file. With the first update you can use the functions of the Pro-Version for free for 14 workingdays. After 14 workingdays you will have only the functions of the Basic-Version without further purchase.

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