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GoodWriter 4 - Handwritten notes, PDF and document in the App Store A must-have application for anyone who wants to read or comment on PDF files or write or edit open standards sized annotations and technical documentation that can be opened and modified in any popular text editor such as Pages, Microsoft Office or Open Office. Allows you to highlight and handwrite your document, add text and stamp, and even add images to your work.

GODWRITER is the best option for completing PDF form directly on your iPad and iPhone. There are several different data types available, such as iWork, MS Office, Power Point, text and image and more. Retrieve these from desktops, e-mail attachment and open in from other apps. Select important things in a book, magazine or document you want to check.

Check your document. Generate open standards HTML files that can be opened or modified in any popular text processing program such as Microsoft Office, Pages or Open Office. Generate worksheets in the default data formats that can be opened and modified in any spreadsheet application. GODWRITER has one of the best PDF viewer for iPad and iPhone.

Opens large vertical or horizontal format with full page or thumbnails and multibookmarking. You can use iTunes on your iPad or iPhone to share your data directly via your iTunes device's built-in wired connection. You can also open PDFs from any other iPad or iPhone applications via the "Open in...." dialog.

Sending faxes directly from your iPhone or iPad. In order to use this function, you must already have or set up an user profile and you will be charged a few cent per facsimile that will be sent directly to you. E-mail directly from Good Writer 4 with all the comments you have made.

Goodwriter 4 is a fantastic application. I' m absolutely favourite because I can use this application to open e-mail attachment that I receive. And you can mail directly from the application and collaborate with others. Well, you can also use this application to easily turn it from a Microsoft Office doc into a PDF using a PDF viewer.

Seriously, there are so many choices with this application that are all useful and useful for everyone at your classroom or need to look at the file for work. Good Writer 4 brings things to the next stage. The ability to take annotations about your PDFs is great! You' re not restricted to one unit either - you can boot from your iPad or iPod and exit from your notebook.

They can use any text processing! If you have begun text processing and need a PDF, you can do so. It' easy to view your e-mails, transmit a facsimile, exchange your data with others.... everything. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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