Good Writing is

Writing well is

Reading, writing and grammar ". The first sentence is an invitation for the reader to have a conversation with you among equals. MARK OF GOOD SCIENTIFIC WRITING. Summarize the facts and convey them without distortion.

So what is good writing?

I' ve been writing informal reviews of my blogs for almost 10 years, and I'm quite good at finding out if an action or a character works - or at least if they work for me. There are those days when a small point in the history stimulates me and makes it difficult for me to like a script, although the mistake in the big schema of things is really common.

I still trip when it comes to analysing whether writing a good textbook is. The majority of the works released today will be relatively free of unwanted grammar and orthographic inaccuracies. I won't use it against a work.

Plus, years in the editorial industry have shown me that even good writers have a bad time and can miss a bug. That' s not what I think of when I think of good writing. I' m considering how the author selects the right langua. Up to a certain extent, good writing is a matter of subjectivity.

My preference is for a clear, tidy speech that doesn't attract much publicity. However, in these cases, writing may feel obvious to the writer. While I know that speaking effortlessly often takes a lot of work, I don't like it when I can see the work. Typeing many words well is not necessarily good writing.

I remembered this after I read Yaa Gyasi's wonderful first novel Home Going. It was a textbook whose tongue felt both naturally and unmistakably. They use metaphors and images, but it all seems like it belonged to this one. That' s how I like to call good writing and even writing well.

However, even if I say so, I suppose there are those who would find it exaggerated and clumsy, just as I was not impressed by the writing in those textbooks whose stories were lauded by others. Nevertheless, when I celebrate the writing of a textbook, I will commend it for being like homegoing, for having a striking look that felt naturally and faithfully to history.

How exactly this font will look will differ from volume to volume.

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